In a month, 13 jubilee players from Montenegro – La Crónica del Quindío

Author: Andrés Felipe Ramos For all the process of substituting carnets for motorists, the municipal administration has a turnover of $ 140 million, alcalde Daniel Mauricio Restrepo Izquierdo. The census and the fire elaborated and interrupted at Dane. In the municipality of Montenegro there are 13 important carters in the process of substitution of animal … Read more

One of the people combining tourism and formation in Jaca and other seats of the Courts of Verano de Unizar

A number of people are listed in the Extraordinary Courses (CEX) of Verano de Universidad de Zaragoza, a national and international prestige. The proximity of the week commemorates the 95th edition of this academic academy offer, which is a pioneer in Spain, impulsed by Domingo Miral, y you have a central seat in the city … Read more

Parque Tayrona reabre: esto se puede hacer – Otras Ciudades – Colombia

The Natural Park of Tayrona, the second natural reserve visited most of Colombia, will open its doors on June 16 with trucks, news and regulations at the service station of your visitors. Cabe indicate what this sanctuary of flora and fauna lasts 15 days, and a compliment of the #RespiraTayrona campaign that is realized with … Read more

Michoacán suma dos bronces más en Nacionales Conade 2022

Redacción / La Voz de Michoacán Guadalajara, Jalisco. Michoacán also won two bronze medals at the National Games Conade 2022, median Leonardo Victoria, squash, and with the women’s water polo team in Guadalajara, Jalisco, La Paz, Baja California Sur, respectfully, and aggregated the two pressures of the third place that has become obsessed with other … Read more

Regresa el Bachillerato SABES a las deportias deportivas – Boletines Dependencias

Leader of 250 sportsmen from the 7 regions of SABES competed in the disciplines of team training, athletics and competition of the Bandera National Team. León, Guanajuato, March 18, 2022. The Bachillerato Advanced and Educational System at the Guanajuato State, SABES, is dedicated to the “XXIV Youth Games SABES” and the “XII Contest of Escorts … Read more

¿Conoces tu huella deportiva?

Suena extraño que una activativde que ha sido desarrollada por el ser humano para su bienestar no lo sea también para el planeta. Muchos de los deportes que practicamos son altamente contaminantes, generan huella de carbono y no son sostenibles ni con el medio ambiente ni la sociedad. Without embargo, each of us has more … Read more