QUO VADIS – The dominant burrows

In the year 1875, Barahona had a port of export, which was built in 1902 and a wooden wall was built. It was not in 1951 that it actually became actual, an epoch in which one of the principal points of export of the Caribbean was exported. Through the old muelle was realized, in the … Read more

In a month, 13 jubilee players from Montenegro – La Crónica del Quindío

Author: Andrés Felipe Ramos For all the process of substituting carnets for motorists, the municipal administration has a turnover of $ 140 million, alcalde Daniel Mauricio Restrepo Izquierdo. The census and the fire elaborated and interrupted at Dane. In the municipality of Montenegro there are 13 important carters in the process of substitution of animal … Read more

THE HOBBY OF A TIRAN – Hypismo: the passion of Trujillo

Lo hoe hoy conocemos como el Hospital General de la Plaza de la Salud, anteriormente albergaba la edificación del hippodromo “Perla Antillana”, el que se llegó a profilar como uno de los más modernos y completos de América Latina durante la tiranía trujillista. This car park is characterized by its amplitude, beauty, sophistication and structure. … Read more

Includes close access to support the region’s sports

During the three days, the Dominican Republic took part in the meeting of the Minister of Sports of the region and the President Luis Abinader inaugurated the Pasado March Consolidation of a public policy agenda, the firm of cooperation cooperation between Dominican Republic and the Governors of Colombia y Spainas como el «Firmes interés» to … Read more