One of the people combining tourism and formation in Jaca and other seats of the Courts of Verano de Unizar

A number of people are listed in the Extraordinary Courses (CEX) of Verano de Universidad de Zaragoza, a national and international prestige. The proximity of the week commemorates the 95th edition of this academic academy offer, which is a pioneer in Spain, impulsed by Domingo Miral, y you have a central seat in the city … Read more

One 200 teenagers assisted in vocational guidance

June 20, 2022 | 1: 00hs. By Genaro The University of Posadas Agency has 200 young people to help you find accommodation in the superior studios. As an expression of the entity, the technological paths of the indole of technology are in the trend and are the ones that are of interest to you, … Read more

‘Chorri’ Palacios y su acida critical after the elimination of Peru: “No se dieron cuenta de lo que estaban jugándose”

Roberto ‘Chorri’ Palacios criticizes the level of Peruvian selection before Australia in Qatar 2022. La derrota de la Peruvian selection ante Australia I must comment on the national border. Y es que se dejó escapar la opportunidad de de klasificar al Qatar World Cup 2022 in a lot with points in the national team. In … Read more

Los Leones no resistieron el empuje de los Capitanes

A song of Victor Liz restando 24 seconds, and another child canasto del dominican in a remake of a failed tyro libre de David Huertasle dio el sabado a los Captains of Arecibo a triumph of 87-84 about the Leones de Ponce in an effective performance in the auditorium Juan Pachín Vicens de Ponce as … Read more