“I like to talk to my horse and dress like a charmer”

When you’re born with a gift it’s impressive, and in this case, Luis David Angulo Burgos is a clear example. He is a 9-year-old boy who attends the fourth grade of elementary school at the CEMA school in Guamúchilo.

Luis David considers himself quite a horseman, because from an early age he felt a great connection with horses, of which he never showed any fear.

At almost 5 years old, Don Lino Gaxiola Gutiérrez, from Charro cloth from Guamúchil, where he easily learned to be a brave man with luck on foot, with which he had the pleasure of competing in different states.

What is charrería to you?

It is a very beautiful sport, 100% Mexican, which I like very much, and I think it is a source of pride for all of us who practice it, because we feel charros from Mexico.

How did you discover charreria?

For my parents. My dad always loved horses, I wanted to learn to ride, and my mom was the one who asked for information on where they give riding lessons, and they told her at Lienzo Charro de Guamuchil there was a school, and I told them I wanted to go, and yes, they enrolled me, from first grade I really liked the charrería. I would like to go every day (laughs).

What does becoming a charo mean to you?

Something very nice, because that’s how I dress Mexicans before, with hat and boots. I always wanted to be dressed like this, but my mom won’t let me.

At what age did you enter the Don Lino Gaxiola charrería and what did you learn there?

I was almost 5 years old when I went to Lienzo for the first time, and I learned to be a team with my classmates, I learned what I wanted most, which was to ride and bloom the rope, to know and care for animals.

Of all the happiness practiced in training, which one do you identify with?

Sleeves on foot, I like to do it a lot, but still not tape horse legs, but I work on the rope, actually we carry a rope in my dad’s truck and I always want to practice.

In the future, what happiness would you like to learn?

Sleeves on a horse, I dream of doing it, I practice on a horse, but it still doesn’t work for me. I also want to learn how to ride a mare and paso de la muerte, so one day I will be able to do that.

Among your national competitions you have participated in, what experience can you share with us?

The competition I went to in Mazatlán, I wanted to do the death step, with a mare I had always trained, but at the moment of entering the ring, the mare got very scared and started jumping and we could not tame her.

So the maestro changed me into a mare I didn’t know, I was very afraid to ride her because I didn’t know her, but we connected well, I started talking to her before entering the ring and when it was our turn we were fine passed, and I was very proud of it.

Why is it important to learn charrería as a child?

Because as a child, you teach yourself to master the rope, to lose your fear of animals, and you learn that more easily put togetherand yes, you develop more luck skills later on.

This sport of charrería is practiced at the school of Don Lino Gaxiola, what does this sport offer to the new generations?

Well, a lot disciplinecompanionship, respect and little by little you learn the tricks that are practiced in the arena, the teacher Arturo Angulo is very good and teaches you well.

Why do you think charrería is a sport that should not be allowed to die?

Because it is a Mexican sport that needs to be practiced a lot and because it identifies us in other countries, because when they go to another place they wear a colorful hat and later say that it is from Mexico.

Who is your charro to follow?

Es José Andrés Aceves Aceves, better known as “El Chiringas”a famous charro from Nayarit and the teacher tells us a lot about him.

What message are you sending to the charm of Guamúchila?

Thank you very much for teaching us how to practice charreriafor supporting us, for being patient with us and for appreciating one of the prides of Mexico: the charrería.


Luis David Angulo Burgos

  • Place and date of birth:

Guamúchil, Salvador Alvarado, Sinaloa, August 2,

Luis Alberto Angulo Espinoza and Shirely Anahy Burgos. Hermana: Dayna Angulo Burgos.

He has been practicing charreria for five years at the school of Don Lino Gaxiola, d Guamúchil Charro print on canvasand what he likes most is horse riding, rope climbing and dressing up as a charro.

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