Why don’t you want to make sports really?

Llega el verano y con él las ganas de disprutar de las vacaciones, de descansar, de pasar tardes en la piscina … En general, en estos meses, el deporte no es una prioridad para la mayoría, sin embargo no conviene dejar de practicarlo , por lo menos del todo. Realize a minimum of sports activity help you stay in shape, avoid weight during vacations (something, other parts, habitual) and include a major holiday.

¿Qué le pasa a tu cuerpo si dejas de hacer deporte en verano?

If you want to take care of and realize regular sports, you will be able to do the most important months to have different consensus for your body. Follow the experts of the cadence of sports centers Brooklyn Fitboxing the consequences of abandoning the sports are different, depending on the time they are practicing.

A week to relax without deportation: the normal is to feel good, but the muscular fibers to empathize with the debilitation and the body of the client to retain more liquid than normal.

– Después de two weeks of vacations without active physical activity: the form of physical activity can be reduced from a more obvious mode and cardiovascular resistance is considered considerably.

A month without realizing physical activity: note the loss of muscle and resistance. Getting used to it is more difficult and the muscle is debilitating, so what can I do with the calories I have to lose time. It is probable that the levels of extreme beauty and the quality of the emperor’s dream.

Various months without training: affection of the metabolism, además de quemar menos calorías, la sensación de fatiga aumenta. Physical form is reduced to complete and can affect health.

Aprovecha el verano para hacer rutas o practicar running a primera hora de la mañana.
Aprovecha el verano para hacer rutas o practicar running a primera hora de la mañana. – Pexels

Tips to train during the summer holidays

From Brooklyn Fitboxing we offer some advice to train in vacations and keep your body in shape:

Enter the example of the day of the day: this form will support the rest of the day for all the plans of the world and holidays.

Rest between trainings: in the holidays the training should not be an activity that generates frustration and does not come true with the frequency that lasts the routine. You can spend a day including a variety of training activities.

– You always have a little vacation here sportswear: es fundamental llevar unas deportivas y ropa adecuada para poder hacer ejercicio en las vacaciones.

Vendor's sports activities include surfing to practice exercise, frustrating.
Vendor’s sports activities include surfing to practice exercise, frustrating. – Pexels

– Realize training courses but efficiency, for example, HIIT: el High Intensity Interval Training is a type of cardiovascular training of high intensity that can be realized in any situation: the gym, the park, a house. These training activities include intervals of work with children, also short courses, relaxation, and this way to maximize the results minimizing the time of work.

– Stability in el calendar los dias que se van a entrenar: así el compromiso sera mayor. Alternation in the calendar of training days with some time off to explore the eye and free time.

– Search for a route in the destination of the holidays: walk or go for a walk nature route help keep the rhythms of physical activity. A form of comparing ejection with vacations. Igual que practicar deportes acuáticos como el surf, la natación, el piragüismo o el buceo.

Keep in shape long vacations, like everything, just ask for a lot of free will and organization.

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