Francia Márquez le ofreció trabajo a Marelen Castillo, formula vicepresidencial de Rodolfo, cept aceptará?

Marelen Castillo spoke about the decision made by Francia Márquez in the new government, where she decided to decide whether to go to the Chamber of Representatives.
Marelen Castillo spoke about the decision made by Francia Márquez in the new government, where she decided to decide whether to go to the Chamber of Representatives.

Gustavo Petro Urrego y Francia Márquez for the elegance of the President and Vice-President of Colombia respectfully, and in his opinion the movements of all the coalitions of Historical Pact to make the four years of gobierno that will come.

The President elect him to form a greatNational Pact‘en el que voces y representatives of the distinctions of political eagles tendrían cabida, all with the lens of “transform in Colombia”. Seeking this idea, know what Francia Márquez consisting of a telephone call with the Vice-Presidential formula of the candidate Rodolfo Hernández, Marelen Castillo.

The reunion was held in the middle of the Polo Democratic Senator and the center of Esperanza, Alexander López, que fue la persona más cercana durante la campaña a Márquez. The two vice-presidential formulas speak, among other topics, of la lucha por los derechos de las mujeres y las minorías.

See more info News Caracol, Márquez le habría hecho una tentadora propuesta in Marelen Castillo: work on your team’s work, but don’t specify what role.

This is a series of miscarriages by Castillo, which is known in the last days, planaria aceptar la curul en la Cámara de Representantes that the answer to the right of the State of the Opposition. Al menos así se lo hizo saber a la emisora ​​Caracol Radio:

Yes, sir, accept the possibility of going to the Congress by all our partners who have deposited their vote of confidence in our”, The respondent answered the interview.

Assimilation no series of oppositionthe main lens can be used to “work and build in Colombia”.

Realistically, we want to build a country that is united. I do not want to declare in oppositionbut it is clear that it is yes the new gobierno no cumple and we have everything we can do with the construction of countries, social issues, work with our favorite people, but we don’t realize it, it is a position change”, Marelen indicated in the public opinion.

Además, también indico que the explanation of Rodolfo Hernández’s decision: “Ya él sabe que voy a la Cámara, pero el todavía no sabe si va a aceptar la curul. He evaluated the results, but he did not have the decision. It is important for strategic analysis to decide and notify ”.

For other people, recalculate what a docent and educator, your paper in the Congress is centered in education.

Do not stay in the position of Marelen Castillo, supo que se reunirá con Francia Márquez el próximo miércoles 22 de junio con el fin de profundizar en diversos temas en los que coinciden. All in the great brand “national dialogue”That proposes the new gobierno.

In this sense, the exponent Álvaro Uribe a series of other llamados at a meeting. Follow the senator Armando Benedettique lo conoce muy bien, la reunión se podría llevar a cabo.

I create what is very possible, I know it, I create it which is very possible, I like Twitter that it is the day of the elections that it is open to a door like this”, Said the senator.

Cabe recordar que en el pasado, Benedetti ha manifestado tenerle cariño a Uribe, con el que trabajó varios años. “I can be a friend of a person and I don’t think he can”, Manifested the senator in the water of Occasion.


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