Nautical installations

The Balearic Islands have an exceptional condition for sports navigation and el disfrute del mar. In parallel with el tourist destination of our islands he has been creating important ones nautical-sports infrastructure it has to conform to an internationally recognized industry, capable of providing high quality services to visitors like residents.

Nautical tourism in the Balearic Islands is one of the most popular nautical clubs the long tradition, which he has established is the practice of sports in our own waters in the legal form of the entities without animosity. With the promulgation of the Ley de puertos deportivos In 1969, a significant increase in the number and scope of port installations of the private initiative, generating space in the service of deportation, was introduced.

This impulse implied the construction and development of nautical-sports installations – which is known as the port of deportation of marinas – included in the service of embargoes and their trips. It is a series of attractions with a triple character of tourism, nautical and sports, and with a cultural offer and taste of excellent restaurant, gastronomy and commerce. Everything is also compatible with a number of areas of technical education in the repair industry and the maintenance of embargoes that bring technology, innovation and training.

It is fashionable to have created so many activities tourist like deportiva e industrial. There are opportunities for puerto-city interaction that can be used to diversify and diversify the destination and bring in a high-altitude tourism tourism that benefits from all the influence of the hotel offer, restaurant, trade and technology.

This transversality is one of its virtuous principles, in proportion to the positive effects in multiple sectors such as food, food, accommodation, restoration, commerce, transport, innovation, industry, formation, culture and sports. In addition, there is an element of tourism in the promotion of the islands of the handicraft of nautical and social activities that will be celebrated in the torno of the many regattas that are our best.
One of the main attributes is the ability to survive in the few moments: ending the last economic crisis, the nautical tourism has been one of the most productive sectors that has supported all the issues of support, logrando mantener su nivel de emple.

La nautical activity it takes a tour of the offer of nautical clubs, normally with destinations destined for embarrassments of the Mediterranean and median, and of sports and marina gates, which are private entities with a private character with an offer of attractions and facilities. appropriate power.

The Balearic Islands exist 69 nautical installations, bien sean puertos deportivos o nautical clubs. De ellas 36 se ubican en Mallorca offering 16,186 amarres, 9 en Menorca con 3.273 amarres, 8 en Ibiza con 2.888 amarres y 2 en Formentera con 84 amarres. The sum of asciende at 22,431 amarres. Of the 9,089 there are many competencies of the state and 13,342 of them are autonomous.

To make an idea of ​​the strategic importance of nautical nautical support to support the recreational nautical skills of 68% of the totalness of the exploitation measures of the Authority of the Portuguese Balearic Islands, the body of the Minister of Competence. As of the date of this very organization of the Sustainability Memorial 2020, of 64.1 million euros of total imports, 43.4 million euros were spent on sports nautical. These provisions provide for the administrative concessions in the concept of the canon of occupation of nautical installations and the association’s activity fund, as well as those of the tax authorities and the export embargoes.
Con estos recursos, y los que provienen de otras activadades portuarias, (mercancías, pasajeros, cruceros, pesca, puerto-ciudad, etc.) la Autoritat Portuària financia las infraestructuras portuarias para asegurar la connectivadad de nuestres suslas , a saber, Palma, Alcúdia, Maó, Eivissa y la Savina en Formentera, conform to the principle of autosuficiencia económica del sistema portuario estatal fiatado fijado por ley.

These figures demonstrate that nautical installations represent one of the most solid industries in the Balearic industrial panorama. But, what is the future strategy? The sector has a large number of Aquiles in the vicinity of the shortcomings to improve the capacity of the municipality, so much for the local demand – the most social – as for the embargoes of the mayor, which is the most active and important activity for them. public arches. Our ability to receive money is one of the most difficult, because we can activate an activity with important expenses in terms of risk and diversification of our economy, which contributes to the management of the state of life.

Other of the flaws that affect the sector is the lack of specialized staff, it is the national center of reference for professional training affiliated in Menorca, the distinctions of professional training courses offered by some centers, the programs of initial capacity maintenance and repair embargoes in Alcúdia, the initiatives in the market in Palma and Alcúdia of professional training centers or professional initiatives of the UIB in specialization training programs, conforming strategies for women and adults.

Under the influence of detractors, from the initiations of the sector, it is possible to compromise with society and the environment, implantation of environmental management systems, conjunction with programs of quality management, security and laboratory health. Sample of their accredited nautical installations with the Blue Flag, the Q of Tourism Quality, the ISO 9001 Quality Certificates, the ISO 14001 Environmental Management System, the Community Management System and the EMAS Medium Ambient Auditorium, car wash control ecotourists of the OHSAS 18001 certifications, without looking at the accessibility programs and the equality plans.

This social and ambient compromise is situated in the sector in the wake of the 17th Objectives of the Unique Nations of the United Nations. Investments to reduce carbon flux, to decouple nautical installations and improve water quality, digitization of installations and implantation of social responsibility plans for corporate social responsibility in the absence of biodiversity protection, circular generous are some of the most compromised.

With it, the nautical installations create a risk that contributes to the existence of social needs, generating employment and quality benefits, and contributing financial resources for the connection of our archipelago. The infrastructure can provide an industry capable of diversifying our economies of form and technology, digitization, technical and innovation connoisseurs, conforming to a viable economic economy.

Our answer is to understand and understand the society we want. Debemos animar a las administracions administraci a mejorar la ordenación para crear un marco jurídico estable y seguro que de naturaleza a nuestro sector, quizá a través de una regulación regulación en la Ley de Puertos del Eustado de yustaro de actariodar de la Ley de Puertos Autonómica. With the lograríamos we remember the governance of an essential and strategic activity for our community.

Orientémonos hacia excellence, el respeto al entorno y la calidad, poniendo a las personas en el centro de nuestro quehacer. We are world leaders in holiday tourism, but we also recommend the serbian competition in nautical tourism.l


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