In a month, 13 jubilee players from Montenegro – La Crónica del Quindío

Author: Andrés Felipe Ramos

For all the process of substituting carnets for motorists, the municipal administration has a turnover of $ 140 million, alcalde Daniel Mauricio Restrepo Izquierdo.

The census and the fire elaborated and interrupted at Dane.

In the municipality of Montenegro there are 13 important carters in the process of substitution of animal traction vehicles by motorists, as part of the meeting of LA CRÓNICA el alcalde Daniel Mauricio Restrepo Izquierdo.

This medium is written in the area of ​​the conocer como están los municipalities in the celebration of the year 2138 of 2021, in which it is established a beach of 10 months to realize the price with 100% of the dates of the traction vehicles and the families that depend on labor.

“The idea is that in the term of a month we can have a list of all the processes. It is the task of the administration, eliminating all the problems and changes in the unions ”, manifested the mandator of this written medium.

Sostuvo que la clave para agilizar esta labor ha sido que dispone de los recursos, $ 140 millones:

At the moment, with the cartellers, we are working on the formation of an association, and it is preparing a symbolic act for the transition.

“We are leading the way in the process of acquisition of mobile units, and the work of the Colombia Compra Eficiente platform,” said Restrepo Izquierdo.

In this sense, I am looking forward to a complementary initiative in favor of the players. “There is no need to move a single movement and act in time. Preocupa que dentro de 1 o 2 meses no tengan la téngivadad económica definida, por eso vamos a escompanarlos desde la secretaría de Desarrollo Social, desde la Económica y Turística ”.

In this sense, the search for an strategic alliance with a tourist beach is possible, which offers different activities to transport materials for construction, construction and demolition.

“We believe that this is the type of property that is ideal for avoiding what, in the world of a year, it is as determined as a ‘white elephant'”.

Gran parte de los carretilleros recibieron con agrado la noticia, pero también hubo un grupo que no lo asumió de la mejor manera: these are all that you have to do with the norm. The insistence on this result tends to consume the sanctities of interest that indicate the law ”.

In the house of Montenegro, the carrelers are located in the gallery owners, factory owners and business owners for construction.

What do you do with animals?

The burgomaster Daniel Mauricio Restrepo decided to know that there are alternatives that are studied for the benefit of the caballos that are ‘jubilant’, between those who have been adopted by a foundation.

“We want to support these animals, which can be a part of the programs that we have defined, without embargo, which will be reconsidered, requiring a procedure and rehabilitation, because of the many years that you have to do with the work of carriels. We want to donate to donate to some foundations and tourist sites where you can give a special treat. Places where you need to be part of the process of equinotherapy, which contributes to the recovery of children with financial talents or with someone else’s disability. We are in a project that should be integral ”.


El alcalde Restrepo Izquierdo dijo quen el censo es el punto de partida para que en el municipio no aparezcan más vehículos de tracción animal.

“Here we will also play a very important role in the Police and the area of ​​environmental protection. It is logical that in Quindío there are news that you don’t have to be happy with what we are coordinating ”.

There is also a paper that will be used by the Autonomous Regional Corporation of Quindío, CRQ and the groups of animals that contribute to buy with the norm.


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