Parque de la Costa announcing new attractions for 25 years

More than 27 million people visited the Parque de la Costa durante el fin de semana largo de Semana Santa y Pascuas, in the form of a public record, which is the highest number in the last 10 years.

The peak of the visit is part of the day, where the differences of passports and tours, the park received 11,500 people from all over the country, which offers a choice of traditional attractions, exclusive shows and a special gastronomic pastime. the fire.

From the Phoenix Festival, the Costa Parque is being renovated, consolidated, decorated and enhanced by the gastronomic offer and entertainment of a complex that includes Aquafan durante at the spring-summer season and the Nini Marshall Theater in a cultural, transformed level. entertainment for the whole family.

Celebrate the 25th anniversary of the idea and present news of all the months and that the national and international public can create a unique agenda in the country.

The first announcement was made in May with the inauguration of Space Prison, a virtual reality game in Argentina, and a new karting circuit that counters with the exclusive Axion excuse.

Durante junio, el Parque sumara a la aferta de amtracines mecánicas seis nuevos juegos infantiles de primer nivel y más simuladores de realidad virtual, un producto muy demandado por el el segmento adolescente que predomina allí cada fin de semana.

In the first round of announcements, in July, the show of Peter Pan will be inaugurated, summing up the spectacle of the spring, Invasion of the Zombies, the shows of Oso Braulio, Yoni, el Musical de Películas, Cara de Barro and the characters of the Park .

Following the example, the team that is leading the offer of attractions is in the process of defining the project of a new Russian installation that will be inaugurated as part of the festival of the 25 years.

On the other hand, the Parque de la Costa advirió al PreViaje, a program launched by the Ministry of Tourism and Sports of the Nation to encourage the anticipation of anticipation of services, and offer important information for visitors.

Those who want to use their budget Pre Viaje, you can use your credit to buy passports.
Acerca del Parque de la Costa.


The most important theme park in Argentina is located in a 13-hectare area in the Tigris and inaugurated in 1997 with more than 20 million visitors presenting a property of some people, services, attractions, gastronomy and personalities. live shows for all children.

In fact, with more than 70 infantile, family and real attractions, summed up the range of live theater performances.

To guarantee a strict control and the caretakers, the park designed for the tours, the cuals are for the mañana: 9:00 to 16:00 (games from 9:00 to 14:30) and to the end of 13:00 a 19:00 (games from 14:00 to 18:30).

It is important to have a sanitary facility, so it is solid in the park entrance.

In the passport options, the park offers three alternative ways to manage:

-Oro: $ 3,200 (patient) and $ 2,700 (online)

-Familiar: $ 2,800 (boletería) $ 2,300 (online).

-Anual: $ 7,000 (uniquely for patients).

All the values ​​are for the person and the children of 3 guests, the people, people with disabilities, people with people with disabilities and adult adults of 60 years have a good passport.

In the attractions, the ORO passports include: Including attractions: Captain Piraña-Barco, Autos Chocadores, Pendulum, Air Circuits, Montaña Rusa Desafío, Montaña Rusa Boomerang, Desorbitados, Baile de del Páz el Nilo, Montaña Rusa Saltos del Delta, Sillas Voladoras, Carrousel, Montaña Rusa El Vigia, Orcas Voladoras, Barco Pirata, Pulpo, La Mansión del Terror, Samba

Vuelta al Mundo, La Cueva de Dinos, La Maldición de Anubis, Zombiland, Colectivo Loco, Chiquitren, El Canguro, Mini Barco Pirata, Mini Sillas Voladoras, Minijet, Panda y Mico, Vuelo en Globo, La Placita, Show de los Personajes del Parque, Musical de Péículas, Zombie Invasion Show and Cierre Show.

By the way, the family FAMILIAR includes: Baile de las Tazas, Autos Chocadores, Botes del Pantano, Botes en el Nilo, Sillas Voladoras, Carrousel, Montaña Rusa El Vigia, Orcas Voladoras, Samba, Pulpo, Vuelta al Mundo, La Mansión del Terror, La Cueva de Dinos, La Maldición de Anubis, Colectivo Loco, Chiquitren, El Canguro, Mini Barco Pirata, Mini Sillas Voladoras, Minijet, Panda y Mico, La Placita, Vuelo en Globo, Show de los Personajes del Parque, Musical de Games, Zombie Invasion Show and Cierre Show.

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