La Cámara lleva de la teoría a la praktica los eSports en un concurrido evento el el Campoamor | Ceuta Television | Ceuta News

El Polideportivo ‘Antonio Campoamor’ has joined in the match for the second day of the Wake UP event! Games and Sports. This is an option, but a theoretical form directly with the practice of eSports.

The President of the Chamber of Commerce, Karim Bulaix, who is responsible for the organization of the event, has shown his satisfaction with the great respect that he has in the form of assistance, so many months, as he marches in the pavilion, where he loves a great number of interests, young people in the mayor’s office.

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“Possibility to train figures relevant to the panorama of the video games, support a double sale, bring your experiences to the young people of the city, and bring to the new national focus about Ceuta, attracting a lot of publicity benefits for the city, about its special fiscal regime and incentives, which can mean attracting companies from the area for implantation here, ”he said.

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For your part, Carlos Rontomé, Counselor of Education, also said that he was responsible for the fact that he had the opportunity to do so, and the promoter who was able to serve as a motivator for the young people to be able to achieve a career in the world. los eSports, ya sea como profesionales, o como emprendedores, y que el sector digital se afiance en la ciudad, que es uno de los principales objetivos, hoy día, de la Ciudad Autónoma ”.

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Pablo Núñez, Assessor of the Delegation of the Governor, said that “the lenses of digitization are part of the Governor of Spain, which is dedicated to 8 million euros in an aid program” and congratulated the Chamber on organizing event of promotion for which in the future we have young people who have lost their content ”.

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Assimism, the director of the Provincial of Education, Yolanda Rodríguez, considers that “the future of the young people of Ceuta is in the formation to expand the opportunities that open these new sectors in the labor market, so many videos, as many others. and what is important is the formation ”.

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La primera mesa redonda de la jornada ha sido la que ha traído a Ceuta a Fernando Piquer, CEO de Movistar Riders; Virginia Calvo, proprietary and COO of Giants Gaming; Raúl Silleras Méndez, responsible for the projects of the Digital Contenidos of Málaga; ya Javier Ramos, CEO and co-founder of Kaiju Group.

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The moderator of the mission, Paola Castaño, defines the lens as the “boarding of new professions that he has generated and that he has found in this sector of the laboratory, can be formed, and generate the powers that make you miss to work in this world ”.

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Precisely, according to the question, Fernando Piquer was born to experience his experience, but he also decided that he had to spend time with eSport, but he could not differentiate between the other traditional competitive sectors, such as the football world. I have to generate a lot of work skills, but only professional deportees, many other associates, trainers, educators, sports psychologists. It creates an industry in which it is not only the players who want it, but it is also possible to generate a new series of new professions ”.

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The continual dormante jornadas toda la manana, with the presentation of a professional club of Ceuta, Heracles gaming, and culminating in the months of the game, in which some professional deportees are “retarded” by the assistants, playing with the durante and a warrior in the event, which concludes with a sort in which it has shelves, as a sample of our virtual reality gaffes.


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