• Phil Clark was the iconic designer of the Mustang logo who used the fire.

City of Mexico, Mexico April 19, 2022.-

The logo is a fundamental piece for any product, it transmits the image of the brand and the help to build an identity with what we recognize in the recognition of the time. Hoy, en el 58 ° anniversario del pony car más poderoso del mundo, Ford te cuenta la historia detrás del logo legendario.
Fue en 1964 cuando la firma del ovalo azul eligió el diseño que se convertiría en una leyenda y que representaría al pony car más famoso de todos los tiempos: Mustang.
For the first time, Ford has written in other numbers as Cougar, including in these first versions he has a logo of this animal. You can use other options such as Allegro, Torino and Avanti, but finally choose the name that everyone knows now. There are variations of the versions that the Mustang takes to win, the principals we can form in the shape of the North Cavalry and the iconic North American Aircraft P-51 Mustang.
Una vez que se eligió el nombre, la firma debía hacer un logo igual de poderoso para empezar a marcar la historia de este iconic muscle car. The famous cavallo that we know was designed by Phil Clark, his image was kept in the longing of the years and only he has made some modifications to make it more beautiful and stylish.
En el libro The Man Behind the Pony Series, Finding My Father, Holy Clark, la hija del diseñador de la firma del óvalo azul, cuenta que su padre era diestro, por lo que naturantu dibujó todos sus borradores de izquierda a derecha, con el caballo mirando hacia la izquierda.
Without embargo, many versions of the history also mean that the reason for the caballo is found in this position because of the need for an animal salvation and the debut of the lado opuesto of the usual thing.
The mustangs (“towns” in Spanish) have cavaliers that are corring through the great lunar of Norteamérica, libres y sin ataduras ni frenos que los detuvieran, tal y como es la esencia de Ford Mustang desd sus sus initiicio, ofreciendo libertados i potencia a aquellos que disfrutan de la velocidad.
These animals are enviable in an icon of many years ago, but the cavalry of the Mustangs parlor is the one who gave the world the leader of the world. Now, in your electrical version, you have to be able to keep the key to the leg, but now with a league adaptation that makes reference to the era of electrification, via the Ford Cuautitlán plant in Europe to conquer the land area. electricity.
“We don’t have the form to think about the automotive industry and we don’t want to be able to put the plaid in the mouth of the Mustang world leader. It is really worthwhile to have a logo that can be used by other generations, but it is important that we allow it to transmit the ADN and the values ​​of the brand and the different models that exist, including the version of electricity that is connected. world in the last years ”, said Lucien Pinto, director of Mercadotecnia and Ventas de Ford de México.