Eliminate 145 derechos de oficina que cobraba la Municipalidad «Diario La Capital de Mar del Plata

Send a free letter for a transfer from a commercial fund, report a cartel in a warehouse, write in the register of providers of the Ente Municipal de Servicios Urbanos (Emsur) or advertise as a tourist guide in the Ente Municipal de Turismo (Emtur) they are treating that the municipality will take part in approving the last imperative order.

The norm is to approve the seasons of the pasture and enter the vignette in a way that the intentional Guillermo Montenegro is promulgated. Municipal municipal insurance funds that the mayor’s office has been eliminated apuntan a que el que invierta en la ciudad tenga menos trabas y pueda generar más fuentes de empleo.

Accrued with the official documentation of the access THE CAPITAL, 50 of these tributes correspondent to the Secretariat of Hacienda, 22 to Emtur, other 22 to the Secretariat of Salud, 17 to the Secretariat of Gobierno, 13 to the Desarrollo Productive, new to Desarrollo Social, seis al Emsur, tres a la Secretaría de Obras y Planeamiento Urbano, dos a Procuración Municipal y uno al Ente de Vialidad y Alumbrado.

If you look at a magnifying glass about the elements of the Impact Ordinance, it is possible to advertise that, among the Social Security, the municipality will collect the money from the deportation license license for federated and non-federal deportees, which means health and safety. the right of association for the habilitation of commercial establishments.

It was also eliminated the expedition of free labor for the transfer of trade funds, the transference of business opportunities is always implied by a change in the size and aggregates of the expeditions of the Secretariat of the Hacienda.

The reposition of a cartel of images, which figuraba entre los derechos de la Secretaría de Obras, también fue suprimida. I believe that the pedigree of the remediation of the archives of the archives of the Secretariat of the Governor.

Además, esa dependencia dejará de solicitar un pago por los pedidos de consulta de antecedentes en el archivo, el suministro de ejemplares de actas de sesión del Concejo Deliberante y el tramite de cancelación de hipotecas.

To inscribe as a provider of Emsur también also has a right, as well as for the solitude of insurance contracts in the living plans, o for the security of the provisional authorization of the gas domicile connection.

The page through the inscription in the register of tourism guides that solicitaba Emtur fue otro de los derechos eliminated. On the other hand, the Secretariat of Production does not collect for each copy of the Municipal Estadístic Boletin. There is no statistical information by encryption register registration.

Following the legislative debate on the presumption norms, which culminated in the election of the mayor and the imperial authorities, the president of the official bloc, Agustín Neme, resorted to the elimination of the 145 official courts. “It simply came to our notice then. It is one of the many decisions implemented by the intentional Montenegro to play an agile municipality, reduce costs and costs in the benefit of the majority ”, enough.

In the sentiment of the sentinel, the provincial senator Alejandro Rabinovich, my derecha del jefe communal, considered that some of the derechos eran “Really ridiculous”, as “the consultation of an archive, the legalization of a plan, the repositioning of a cartel of construction and construction of the Secretariat of Health to assist in the habilitation of a commercial”.

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