The marina of Antarctica marks a historical descent record

Pude that the hell of Artichoke this is not enough but I don’t have much to do Antarctica ocurría lo contrario. Without embargo, in February there is a tendency to break down and extend the hell in the hemisphere to register a minimum of history, the second in a few years.

Follow the data from satellitethe extension of the port of Antarctica was located in the area of ​​2 million square kilometers for example, because of the observations of the observations of the poles of the space, in 1978.

This March 19, 2022, in an article published in Advances in Atmospheric, a team of researchers from the University Sun Yat-sen and the Laboratory of the Marine and Engineering Guangdong Sur (Zhuhai), en Chinahe analyzed the success in the search for his causes, he must be sure to be clear.

Global heating

In the last years, the global quarantine is provoking a rapid decline in the extension of the marine ice in the Arctic, but also now, in the other land of the land, the Antarctic sea has augmented the search for one of the children of the land. 1970

In 2017, there was a tendency to marry and heal the marine of the hemisphere on the register with a minimum of history that now, five years ago, was repeated.

On February 25, 2022, at the end of the spring in the hemisphere, the most important data show that it has significantly improved the number of children in Bellingshausen / Amundsen, El Weddell and the western ocean sector of the Indian Ocean.

Además, in the whole region, the extension of the marine ice was 30% inferior to the media of the reference period of the three decades 1981-2010.

In the last years, he was forced to give many reasons to explain variability del hielo marino antártico, pero todavía no hay consenso científico y el fenomeno sigue siendo teorico i sin explorar.

The apparition of a new minimum in the extension of the marine ice in a period of time so short to the investigators of China to study what he has done and why.

Explanation of the phenomenon

Analyze the satellite data observed that the process of thermodynamics dominates the processes that provoke the development of anomalies in the transport of calories in the fields of the Bellingshausen / Amundsen seas, the Pacific Ocean and the Pacific Ocean. in particular.

It also creates global infrared radiation, light, temperature and altitude (the “whiteness” of a superficial. How white it is, the mayor is the reflection of the radiation, and how much more attention, the mayor is the absorption).

“The sea marine is more white than the sea is obscure, because it has less reflection and more absorption, but it can produce a vicious circle that derives more marine light and produces more absorption of color,” he said. climatologist and co-author of the Qinghua Yang studio.

Without embargo, in the spring, the thermodynamics as the dynamics contribute to the state of marine extension.


The authors say that the data of the National Oceanographic Administration and the Atmosphere of the United States (NOAA), the new record of the extension of the Antarctic marine anthology coincide with the two climatic phenomena (La Niña and a Samo Annual).

The SAM is a testament to the fierce winds of the western or lower pressures that rodea the continent and is displaced in the north of the north, while La Niña describes a meteorological patron of the winds that soplan with fire from the water of the superficial water. ocean from the south of Indonesia, in the tropics.

These two phenomena are incidental to the Baja del Mar de Amundsen (ASL), a center of low atmospheric pressure near the Pacific Ocean and the front of the Costa Antarctica.

So, “tropical variability has such a strong impact, this is the place to study,” concludes Jinfei Wang, co-author of the work.

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