Río Negro presented the sports program for professors of Physical Education

The presentation took place in the Salon Gris de Casa de Gobierno with the presence of the Governor Arabela Carreras, the Minister of Tourism and Deporte, Martha Velez, the Secretary of Deporte, Diego Rosati and the Intendent of Viedma, Pedro Pesatti.

In this sense, Carreras insists that “we are happy to be able to accompany the experience of leading the way back to the province” and to say that “the sports are most visible in this program, but we are looking for integration, so that the level of socioeconomic the differences of disability ”.

Finally, we conclude that “we want to take care of more children and young people with different plans that will be possible in a permanent presence of the Ministry of the Territory”.

On the other hand, Minister Velez made a statement that “we have maintained a policy of a state that is very important in material matters” and that we have a program to maintain the presence and permanence of the territory, to continue activities and work with communities. and emphasize programs ”.

On the other hand, the deportee of the deportation, Diego Rosati affirmed that “for us it is a great opportunity for us to announce something that we are working on because we have time in different areas” and aggregate that “this program is ours to do everything a provincial in the form of a deportation to the point that we can make it possible to get there from the Secretariat of Sports ”.

Participant in the Act of Admission of the Ministers of Governor and Community, Rodrigo Buteler; de Trabajo, Jorge Stopiello; of Public Works and Services, Carlos Valeri; the Secretary of Sports, Diego Rosati; the Secretary of Education, Adrián Carrizo; the Intervener of the Lottery, Jorge Manso; the President of the Deliberante Council, Maricel Cevoli; the director of SIARME, Miguel Ledesma and the legislator, Nancy Andaloro.

The program

In the new news program, it is based on the principle of a beach for 240 professors of Physical Education and will be distributed in the following manner: 100 for the board of themes of social and inclusion sports, 75 for the federal sports, 35 for continuing with program Movernos y 30 para el deporte adapted.

This manner can be counted with the recurrence of human negligence to lose a chance to gain more from sports activity. En el caso del deporte social, las becas apuntarán a sumar profesore que se desempeñen en barrios de todas las ciudades, capacitados para detectar conflictos en niños, niñas y adolescentes tales como abusos, consumo de sustancias, problemas con la ley, maltrato y violencia.

The Board of Directors shall be accompanied by the Secretariat of the State of Niñoz, Adolescence and Family (SENAF), the Agency for Prevention and Assistance in Addiction (APASA) and the Ministries of Human Rights and Solidarity, Salud and Articulation, Salud and marking this manner a work done among the distinct organisms of the Governor of Río Negro.

In the federation, with the help of the federations, you will be able to maintain an association with the distinct federations to play a role in the selection of the participating teams of the Games of the Epic and Araucania.

Para el program “Movernos: deportes en comisiones de fomento”, la meta está puesta en contar con professors distribuidos entre las 36 comisiones que conforman la provincia, quienes puedan desarrollar una detirtiva de recreativo i recreativa todas las semanas del año.

Finally, to support the internationally adapted sports, it is possible to summarize the professors of specialization in the modalities that lead to active activities for all children, children and young people with the disability of the province.

Bringing in

En el acto, la Gobernadora entregó aportes económicos a los clubs Peña Patagónica Azul y Oro, al Club Social y Deportivo Miter, ya la Federación Rionegrina de Handball destinados a gastos de funkcionamiento, compra de indumentaria y elementos deportivos.


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