PRO Forum Industry and Sports in Madrid with the public

Account at the end of the second edition of PRO Foro Industria y Deporte. The quote, which is celebrated on the 1st of June in the Caja de Música (Palacio de Cibeles-Madrid), will be reunited in the great cities of the sports industry with the lens of analyzing the returns and opportunities that the sector has. Through the first issue of the edition, which will be celebrated online via the pandemic, the record will be reconsidered and the entrants will be available.

The meeting, organized by 2Playbook with el media partner of the AS and the patronage of the Madrid City Council, which confirmed the assistance of Javier Tebas, President of LaLiga; Oscar Mayo, Director General of the LaLiga Executive Committee; Sofía Miranda, Head of the Delegation of the Deporta de Madrid and Javier Guillén, Director General of the Unipublic. Además, también estarán en el evento Guillermo Jiménez, President of Mapoma; Roberto Ramos, Director General of BeOne; Ignacio Arrola, Marketing Director of Mediapro and Theresa Zabell, President of ECOMAR.

The PRO lens, with the capacity of 260 professionals to be able to buy here, enters the first examples of the main sports organizations in the field, aspiring to be the mayor of the Spanish-speaking sector. The inauguration is at the cargo of Gobierno de la ciudad with the lens of the gift of the value of sports as an economic engine (15,000 million euros of business in Spain) and an element of social transformation.

The jornada arrancará con un debate about las opportunities of the sports industry to the people of capital. This is in contrast to the participation of the most important organizations in this relationship with the investment funds that are actually required by the sector and a representative of the competition sector.

Act followed, open again dialogue with a person who knows the guidelines of the competition sector. This charla analyzes the great opportunities that the sports industry and the paper that plays in the sports entities.

In the following session, you will also be able to stay streaming abordará cómo la Agenda 2030 está guiando las estrategias y los planes a corto plazo of an industry which has the power to play a paper against the consensus of objective objectives. In this dialogue, he participated in a number of sports events that he included in the premise of the ADN, giving a protagonist a role in the question of gender equality and gender equality.

The lawsuit continues with an intervention in which the principles of the international sports sector are analyzed, in an international context marked by the Games of Paris and the War of Ukraine. This analysis summarizes a report about the tandem sports and health and the fact that there is a debate players relevant part.

If something is clear in the last years it is importance of sports and entertainment. To analyze the paper of the sports entities in this field, the day is a scenario of a debate between the representatives of some of the competencies relevant to the country, inside the football world, the balloon and the engine.

In the next month, the protagonist’s great deportation tourism is over. The points debate about the importance of tourism for industry and how it has evolved is an activity through the impact of the crisis sanitation of Covid-19. She intervened in the events of major sporting events and representatives of the deportation area of ​​the Community of Madrid.

This is PRO Industria y Deporte’s el ecenario de a dialogue about feminine sports and in which you can find the level of mediation, of the hand of the professional athletes. The last session debated about a topic of great importance as the importance of a technological revolution to revive the fan and offer new experiences. For this, PRO counters with the interventions of groups that work with these hermitages and the great sports entities of the national panorama.

The event, which counteracts the impact of media copyright, thanks to the complementarity of 2Playbook and AS audiences, concludes with a dialogue about the sports game and a key paper as a motorcycle and social transformation of the country.

This is a new edition of PRO, which will take place in June 2021 in Madrid an event that reunites the duration of the two days of the principles of the executive organizations of the countries of the country, in a hybrid format that has more than 800 people connected to the different panels of experts. Además, the fruit of this project in the month of March 2Playbook celebrity in the first edition of PRO Sportstech Congress in Barcelona, where more than 200 people are reunited in the form of a presenter to board the binomial deporte-technology.

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