Announcing the inauguration of the Hospital of Kinesiology of the UNRN

It is almost March 26 inaugurated in Viedma el edificio del gimnasio polideportivo y hospital escuela de Kinesiología de la Universidad Nacional de Río Negro with the presence of Jaime Perczyk, Minister of National Governance Education and the maximum authorities of the institution.

It is a complete academic and assistant 2,200 square meters that will be initiated in 2019 with an investment of at least 154 million pesos and funded, in the mayor’s office, with recurring property of the university.

Rector Anselmo Torres manifests that “this project has the potential to make a significant difference in the consolidation of the University Campus of the Atlantic Ocean in Viedma and the generation in the whole of the Viedma-Patagona Comarca a polo of professional training and transfer in the camp of moving away to Salud, based on the complementarity and work of the Licensing Institutions in Kinesiology and Physiotherapy and in the Physics and Sports Education of the UNRN, and in the articulation of the various organisms, states and private institutions, the activities and activities of the public. this region of the province ».

“We are organists who know how to complete this building, which is important, very short beach, be a point of reference for the formation and assistance in the health of the rionegrina community«, Agregó.

Between the assistance services in the community, in the new building «se contempla initiate a recovery program destined for affected persons with respiratory problems and ex-human illnesskeeping in mind that Kinesiology has opened a role in the recovery of the engine area, debating the effects that are observed in some recovered patients », Torres manifested.

An edifico hecho a pedido de la necesidad de Viedma

It was designed by the Directorate of Design and Infrastructure of the UNRN with the objective of give rise to the institutional project of the Atlantic Seat, which has a growing demand for licensed students in Kinesiology and Physiotherapy, dictates courses in neurorehabilitation, and assists community services and contemplates the academic development of the Licensing and Educational University of Education.

Located in the area of ​​15 hectares that occupies the Campus de la UNRN Viedma, the complementary building is fully functional, compliant with the Academic Building and the University Comedy.

It has a superficial cover of 2,200 square meters and 907 square meters of covered destinations for access, access and parking. It is fitted by el Gymnasium Polideportivo con sector de Vestuarios y el Hospital Escuela de la carrera de Kinesiología y Fisiatría and is destined to have a sense of social aspects and attentive kinesiology to the community, specifically in the academic formation of the city and the city: Careers of Kinesiology and Physics, and Education Physics and Sports.

The building structure of the hotel is also a Salon of Usos Multiples (SUM), an entrance hall, an entrance hall with a waiting room for the attention of Kinesiology, a lounge and a reception for Kinesiology. El complejo cuenta también con gimnasios, uno de uso exclusivo para Kinesiología y otro de uso compartido con las carreras de Deportes y Salud; two consultants with a hygiene and study room for professionals and students; six consultation boxes; an archive; sanitary facilities; vestuarios: uno para varones, otro para mujeres, y uno accesible, para ambos sexos; an auxiliary first room; a deposit for sports equipment; and the corresponding machine room.

The playground in Plaón Polideportivo is included a canoe with polyurethane sole, degrees and a transmission cabin. Además favorecer las formativas de las carreras de se carreras que se dictan en Viedma, el playón servera la la practica de fútbol de salon, handbol, basquet i voléj en el marco del Programa de Físicas i Deportivas que la UNRN ofrece de manera gratira students and can be used as a gymnasium of recuperation kinesiology and other activities of the University of the Atlantic area.

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