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Speaking of Fernando Alonso is equivalent to speaking of history Spanish sports. No obstante, el asturiano that alcanzó la gloria con of the Formula One Pilot World Championships 1, there is a time when this state has diversified its ingredients. Evidently, they returned Formula 1 of the hand of the Alpine en 2021 surely the main engine is economical, but it is not unique. For example, the deportee is an investor isotonic baby Raw Super Drinkunas environmental children that are the ones that have been created in the manner of an internal manner of their category. In other words, he created 51.4%lo que se traduce en la venta de más de medium million of children.

From there to a Fernando Alonsowhich is not only the embassy of the baby, but also inversorgood health economy of Raw the level of staff. Pero, dejando lo economic de un lado, parece que en el ambition of sports nutrition tambén le viene bien. “For example, in my career I will find a sports team with the same values”, said the pilot of the pilot of Formula 1. However, the campaign “yo bebo salud” has been seen by the deportation player isotonic variationscuya botella de 400 milliliters cost in the supermarket 1.28 euros.

For her, EL ESPAÑOL, in her incessant work to inform consumers about the products of diversion indole, she wanted to try the babies Raw Super Drink para ver qué es lo que ha vuelto locos a los consumeridores. And what I don’t want to see is “Raw it is the brand that you have created in the category of isotonic babiesun 51.4%four more times that the international increase of the category, 12.4% in 2021 “, according to data from Nielsen. Continuation, we say –o no– for what.

The beotidas are orange and mango and lemon and raw lime, a brand in which Alonso is inverted.


Even the babies Raw Super Drink to sell in four saboreslemon and lime, orange and mango, fresh and minty arándanos y açai-, this medium only tried the two basics that are available in the supermarkets. You are orange and mango y lemon and lime. In particular, the consumers are available 1,900 points of sale por toda España entre los que destacan las cadenas de Erotic, Alcampo, El Corte InglésHypercor, Supercor, Supsa, Arco, Masymas, Uvesco, BM, Condis, Véritas Hyperdino y Spar.

Ojo, son bio

However, you can get rid of these supermarkets, it is possible that when you get a passion for what you find traditional isotonic babies take a surprise: no faith available. Not a raster of ellas. The motive: this is one of the main surprises that we have given when we have to go and find a Alcampo de la Community of Madrid.

–Hello, good morning, we are looking for the Raw Super Drink babies, who are isotonic and don’t have a veil for a ningún lado… –the last one is a trabajadora.

–There are those who are ecological, in the Alcampo we take in the section of Bio, in connection with the traditional isotonic babies, as well as what we want to do with aquel pasillo.

Fernando Alonso with one of Raw's babies.

Fernando Alonso with one of Raw’s babies.

Solucionado el problema y con las bebidas en la mano, tras pagar 1.28 euros for every one of us, let’s go home. First surprise that we are happy with her bebida de Fernando Alonso: son ecological, it is said, the method for producing is respectable with the medium. Además, no contunen azúcares.

Ha sido Rubén González, CEO and founder of Rawwho made it clear that he was adventurous in the creation of a child of this class and that Fernando Alonso he was encouraged to turn to her: “The pandemic made us laugh at what we said. The consumer is looking for a healthy, respectable product with environmental and environmental friendliness. Raw Super Drink is the answer to this demand. We want to contribute to this habit of habituation that is being produced, offering to a consumer isotonic baby that of a hydration 100% organic and healthy, no sweet tooth”. For so much, a Aquarius o Gatorade they have a solid competitor.

Rubén González, CEO and founder of Raw.

Rubén González, CEO and founder of Raw.

I don’t care Fernando Alonso haya comenzado a beber el producto, sino que otros deportistas o personalidades están confiando en la nueva bebida. Sample of them from the motorcycle pilot Aleix Espargarólos youtubers and creators of the content of the world eSports Willyrex y Thegrefgademás Andoni Goicotxeafounder of Goiko Grill, y José Múgica, ex CEO of Ecoalf. But let’s take care of it. What happened to us?

Our rating

We have four bottles left 400 milliliters. Dos de naranja y mango y two of lemon and lime. Why? Because we want to try one ambient temperature –Así se perciben más y mejor sus matices a nivel olfativo o gustativo– y two freshwhich is recommended as a baby isotonic babies. Pero, claro, el frescor puede camouflage las noas malas de los productos probados –si las tiene–.

Aunque la botella está hecha para read directly, we decide to open and serve in a vase to put on liquid. The aspect of Raw of orange and mango, evidently, es anaranjado. Pero el color es apagado y opaco, algo que no nos parece mal porque cuando los colores son más vivos denota que tienen una cantidad mayor de colorantes. As well as well Raw. The visual aspect of the lemon and lime juice, por su parte, es distinto porque en ese caso el líquido sí deja pasar la luz. How to make a natural lemonade, el color that you have the baby from Fernando Alonso it is an amazing color, but translucent. Tampoco hay nada que objetar.

Servisos la bebida de naranja y mango de Raw para valorarla.

Servisos la bebida de naranja y mango de Raw para valorarla.


A nutritional and energy levelambassadors baby contienen 13 kilocalories per 100 milliliterso lo que es lo mismo, cada botella que probamos contiene 52 kilocalories400 milliliters-. Our game, but it is an energy loss abusive and you have an account of what you say adultoin the function of physical activity, should consume us 2,000 kilocalories diarrhea of media. It is said that this child has an ample margin of color to consume, but, as with everything, it is better to avoid it.

In a few minutes olores, and no one is disgraceful. That’s it, it’s more intense than that Raw Super Drink of lemon and lime that he de orange and mango. In a few minutes saboresthe isotonic baby of lemonto spend our time, es more rica that orange and mango. Of course, the mango has made it completely imperceptible. The lemon, the best, can be read in lemonade. Y, evidently, you have tried fresh – which is highly recommended – ambassador mejoran considerably, but we have a lot more appreciated than lemon.

The beasts of Raw's service, in which Fernando Alonso's inverted, to be able to see his color.

The beasts of Raw’s service, in which Fernando Alonso’s inverted, to be able to see his color.


Sea like fire, the water of the isotonic babies Raw Super Drink he is imparable, for what Fernando Alonso debe de estar contento. De hecho, Reubenel CEO of the companyconcludes with your expectations for the present 2022: “Our lens in 2022 it is important to create, to enjoy Spain and prepare the launch in United Kingdom and en Latin America. This is to increase our format, produce limited editions, implement new issues and increase our team, so we can open a round of financing approximately ”.

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