Resultado Universitario perdió 4-1 ante Alianza Lima en el estadio Monumental por la Liga 1 Betsson 2022

The Monumental Stadium has a spectacular stamp. More than 50 million people want to go to the University, but the answer to the song is not the same. Los cremas perdieron 4-1 ante Alianza Lima en el primer klasico de la temporada. The match corresponded to the day 10 of the Apertura for the league 1 Betsson.

En elicio del encuentro, ambos equipos salieron a proponer y tuvieron ocasiones claras frente al arco rival. University hall with everything. Generate a pair of games with Andy Polo, but I can’t finish. Alianza Lima no se quedó atrás. As soon as the first goal of the intimacy took place in the 26th minute of a great depression and the center of Pablo Lavandeira, Jairo Concha, who lost his temper and puddled.

In the minutes that followed, Alianza Lima he continued to dominate the dominance of the balloon and was superior to the locals. In the 30th minute, next to Lavandeira, there is a good center for Jairo Concha, which wants to reach the middle of the media and ending the day with a balloon in the arch of José Carvallo. With this double, the intimacy took a 2-0 lead.

In the second time, University of Sports salió a presionar a Alianza Lima y tuvo mayor release. The goal of this match was 61 minutes away from a great record by Ivan Santillán for the sector that, in the field, decided to play the arc and Pablo Míguez met with the small fortune of hitting the balloon in the propio arco.

In the following games, Hernán Novick has a great fight in front of the Arch of Ángelo Campos, who wants a man to save him from having a big attack on his team. Alianza Lima prepare a counterattack that culminates with a center of Edgar Benítez al àrea donde apareció Arley Rodríguez para cabecear y aumentar la ventaja.

For their part, the ‘U’ no lograba engranar bien el equipo mientras que el cuadro victoriano se mostró solido defensivamente. Finally, in the 80th minute Jairo Concha sent a good center to the area and Federico Alonso, defender of the ‘cream’, tuba and resbalón and the ‘Pirate’ Barcos pudo to control the hot air balloon and keep the score 4-1 from Alianza Lima about University of Sports.


Universitario vs Alianza Lima: confirmations confirmed by the classic Peruvian

University of Sports: José Carvallo; Aldo Corzo, Federico Alonso, Nelinho Quina; Ivan Santillán, Gerson Barreto, Ángel Cayetano, Hernán Novick, Piero Quispe, Andy Polo, Alex Valera.

Alianza Lima: Ángelo Campos; Christian Ramos, Renato Rojas, Yordi Vilchez, Pablo Míguez; Josepmir Ballón, Pablo Lavandeira, Jairo COncha, Edgar Benítez, Cristian Benavente, Hernán Barcos.

Universitario vs Alianza Lima: minute by minute of the classic Peruvian football.

University vs. Alianza Lima: Horarios en el mundo del Clásico

  • Peru: 3:00 pm
  • Mexico: 3:00 pm
  • Colombia: 3:00 pm
  • Ecuador: 3:00 pm
  • Bolivia: 4:00 pm
  • Chile: 4:00 pm
  • Argentina: 5:00 pm
  • Spain: 10:00 pm
  • United States (Los Angeles): 1:00 pm
  • United States (New York): 4:00 pm


Sera la edition edition number 366 del Clásico del Peruvian football and in this time the example of the duel of the ‘compadres’ tends to the Universitario de Deportes como local in el Estadio Monumental, solo con su hinchada, recibiendo a un Alianza Lima que divide sus energías con la Copa Libertadores.

The importance of Classic many times you want to have the present that attracts every elephant, but you don’t have to, but you can minimize it.

Technical training sessions Álvaro Gutiérrez, Universitario conseguió victorias consectivas frente a ADT y Ayacucho FC, lo que le permitió recuperar terreno en la Liga 1. En cuadro motivado tras la remontada sobre final qucretó en la altura de Cumaná gracias a un tanto de Andy Polo. Si los cremas ganan en su casa, estarán en la pelea por el Apertura.

Alianza Limaen tanto, tiene un calendario apretado por el parallelismo de la liga y la Copa Libertadores, donde cayó ante Colo Colo y tuvo dificultades para retornar de Chile según lo tenía agendado.

The picture of Carlos Bustos I don’t have the time to wait for your champion’s victory and the things you can do, even on the turn of the tournament with a victory over the victory over UTC in Matute, in which Hernán Barcos demonstrates his main goal card .

University vs. Alianza Lima: as a member of the Classical League 1 Betsson

¿Cuándo ya qué hora juegan Universitario vs. Alliance Lima?

University vs. Alianza Lima chocarán en duel vibrante el domingo 17 de april. La contienda entre amb escuadras est pactada a las 3:00 pm (hora peruana) y tendrá lugar en el Estadio Monumental.

¿Where and how to see EN VIVO el Universitario vs. Alliance Lima?

The Classic IN DIRECT be transmitted by the 89.7 FM de RPP News at the national level and on TV GOLPERÚ (Movistar 14 y 714). On the platforms you can watch the game in the app Movistar Play. All the incidents of the Classic will be found on the web page of

University vs. Alianza Lima: Where to watch the classic Peruvian football TV?

Peru: GOLPERÚ (Movistar 14 y 714)

United States: GolTV Latin America

Canada: GolTV Latin America

Spain: GolTV Latin America

South America: GolTV Latin America


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