Universitario vs Alianza Lima: with Pablo Lavandeira, this series is once ‘blanquiazul’ for the classic

Los ‘blanquiazules’ llegan de caer 2-1 ante Colo Colo en Chile por Copa Libertadores. Photo: Alianza Lima.

Carlos Bustos training is Saturday with all available players y define once what a game before University of Sports in a new classic of Peruvian football. The Argentine strategy has been moving in the formation and numbers to play the game of the Open Apertura Tournament League 1 2022. Pablo Lavandeira met once Alianza Lima.

Information info Gerson Cubathe titles for this Domingo on April 17 at the Monumental Serán Stadium: Ángelo Campos, Renato Rojas, Christian Ramos, Pablo Miguez, Yordi Vilchez, Josepmir Ballon, Jairo Concha, Edgar Benitez, Pablo Lavandeira, Cristian Benavente y Hernán Barcos. The technician made the line to play with a piece of paper, with laterals without a lot of offensive office.

The last time with the intimate friends hay tres cambios. Salieron: el lateral derecho Oslimg Mora, el lateral izquierdo Ricardo Lagos y el volante Oswaldo Valenzuela. All accommodations have a structure with few defenses.

The principal variants are in the defense and for the bandas. ‘Tato’, who normally plays the central game, goes to the gang, but to the Jordan, he goes to the gang. Ambos hag jugado en algún momento como laterales, pero no es exactamente la posición que mejor se les acomoda, ya que se sienten más commodos defendingee da atacando. Además, the Uruguayan Lavandeira is on the team of Valenzuela.

Universitario de Deportes y Alianza Lima medi en en coloso de Ate desde las 3:00 pm (Peruvian people) and contracted with 57 million entrances in the local area. The match, discussed in the brand of the opening of the Tournament Apertura de la Liga 1 2022, will be broadcast on the GOLPERU canal and will be able to enter the stadium of fanatics of the local team. The encampment of justice will be held by Kevin Ortega, who conducts classics.

All indications are that the central one will be the title of Christian Ramos' remembrance.  Photo: Alianza Lima.
All indications are that the central one will be the title of Christian Ramos’ remembrance. Photo: Alianza Lima.


El ‘Chaval’ is located in Peruvian football from Africa, precisely the Pyramids of Egypt, where I don’t have a place in the team. Without embargo, the history is distinctive in Peruvian football, where the goal of Carlos Bustos and his present, the salvation of some emergencies, has been secured by the end of the week before the ‘creams’. In this manner, Cristian Benavente tenders the opportunity to debut in the classic of Peruvian football. El Delantero is now the companion of Hernán Barcos on the offensive.

Cristian Benavente spoke about the lens of Alianza Lima.
Cristian Benavente spoke about the lens of Alianza Lima.


Alex Valera enters with normalcy this Saturday and Álvaro Gutiérrez will be able to meet with him for the end of the week as the referent of the area. La única duda para el estratega uruguayo ahora está en la banda izquierda con Nelson Cabanillas o Iván Santillán. This is the last thing you can do and wait for the final to be saved once in a while.

In this manner, the Universitario de Deportes saldría con el siguiente equipo: José Carvallo en el arco; quatrain line with Aldo Corzo, Federico Alonso, Nelinho Quina, Nelson Cabanillas; los volantes Ángel Cayetano, Gerson Barreto y Piero Quispe; mintras que arriba jugarán Andy Polo, Alberto Quintero and Alex Valera.

The Uruguayan technology was released in 2022 at the re-deployment of Gregorio Pérez.
The Uruguayan technology was released in 2022 at the re-deployment of Gregorio Pérez.


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