The Vucetic method, the key to the eternal youth of Luka Modric: motor intelligence and kinesiology

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Luka Modric was converted in the last decade in one of the best football players of the world and history. Certainly, the best in the city and in its most characteristic features. Nadie directs the center of the camp as it is, it is not possible to drive the balloon, to play the weight and control of a lot and to imagine and create impossible things. The last example is in the end of the elimination of the final quarters of the final Champions against el Chelsea.

Su pase a Rodrygo with the exterior that initiates the resource of Real Madrid and is a history of competition and is an assistance that can be more imaginary, only it is the exterior of your boat, something that is the patrimony of the World Cup. Ese fue el quarto pase de gol que daba el croata en el torneo.

Without embargo, the most famous member of Luka Modric is his pastures, his leading or disposable precepts. The fact that you love football is such a wonderful gift of amazing dominance and that you can earn money from the 36, you can show it to the family and with the ability to be empathetic in football.

Every year that passes, Modric parece be living the house of the mythical film protagonized by Brad Pitt, Benjamin Button. For the balcony, every year that you can also get more young. And this, too, has a secret: the method Vucetic.

Luka Modric, long time no chance.

Real Madrid

Who is Vlatko Vucetic

Luka Modric lleva varios años trabajando con la persona que guarda el verdadero secreto de su eterna juventud. Football has changed a lot in the last times. Every import is physically as talented. The young people always consider the methods of training and efficiency and their ability to teach the elite. Y los veteranos, cada son capaces de aguantar y expressi må porque conocen más y mejor sus cuerpos.

Now apply the system of recovery of care for the lesions, mayor control of alimony and rest, mayor number of complementary therapies to the trainers and mayor dedication to the part of all professionals. Because these are the possibilities to alert your career and find your best level for the 30-year-olds, something that is always impossible. Without embargo, Modric’s case is an exceptional one for those who have time.

The basic principle of everything is that Luke is a fighter of nature, a sportsman with a unique capacity and who does not want to be able to do everything he wants, and to bring more elegance, to support. Without embargo, this includes what to do, and here it is in the labor of your guide, Vlatko Vuceticyour kinesiologist staff.

Vlatko is a 5,000 meter runner on a track that is close to being a national athletics champion Croatia. Después de una vida dedicada a correr, ahora aplica sus aprendizajes y sus metodos en otras disciplinas como el fútbol. Algo que a Luka Modric le está dando unos resultados completamente increíbles.

Vucetic prepares to work with the center of Real Madrid on the basis of a series of pilasters: the state of health and the style of life of Luka, its morphological parameters, its motor skills, its energy capacity, aerobics and anaerobics, its cognitive factors , your intelligence and the search for your socioeconomic and family knowledge.

On the basis of this, it establishes an analytical analysis to know the details of how to find the body of Luka in the level of muscle, tendon and any type of tea. Además, combines this type of studies with evaluations of the capabilities in the action of the Croatian player to find out at the moment how to cope with the games and activities. As Vlatko Vucetic is looking at the concept of motor intelligence or kinesthesica.

Luka Modric, a Real Madrid coach

Luka Modric, a Real Madrid coach

Real Madrid

The cross-country trainings

A fundamental part of the new physical preparation that will lead to the elite sportsmen, and in particular the footballers, is an evolution of the work that takes place in its disciplines, but because of them. It is said to continue the laws of the game with its work of care and perfection. And a very productive therapy in this type of scenarios are the cross-country activities.

Vlatko Vucetic also took part in the work programs of Luka Modric. The Croatian preparer considers that the elite elite players have an individual air conditioning trainer with the staff who works in their clubs. For this, the world of physical preparation has changed so much in the last 15 years.

Now, the physical condition of the girls is a tarea that lasts 24 hours a day and 365 days a year. It is said that there are more and more of the most important work days included in the competition period. By the way, Vucetic is constantly working with Luka, including when there are vacations. As a guest, the holiday is also part of this work.

In these main periods there is a lot going on in the cross country games. I’m consistent to practice some discipline that complements some ability that is necessary when you are inside the field of play, but that you do not implicitly need to have a balloon in your feet. Vlatko considers that these are also extras that you have in the hands of the tastes that the footballers have, definitely, the people. For this, in the house of Luka, the decision is decisive for tennis.

Together with the racket deportation, Modric also took in the practice of runner que su preparador le cede, ya que no deja de ser su mundo original. Vucetic cree that it is essential that its methods integrate routines of these disciplines. It is important for women to work in the field of aerobic and anaerobic skills.

Luka Modric applauded at the Santiago Bernabéu.

Luka Modric applauded at the Santiago Bernabéu.

AFP7 / Europa Press

The weight of which you have to take alternate sessions of high speed with other rhythms and distances of the highest lengths, these are the moments of high intensity that the mayor spent the day in Modric. Consistent with correcting the ability to maximize recovery in a short period of time to relax and reverse the high intensity work.

Para Vucetic, it is very useful to learn the excellence of the explosiveness of the game with these methods to mark the difference of 36 years and learn to manage the energy lasting 90 minutes, including a few long sessions that can be considered complete lot. Here’s an interview with the new intelligence engine of the sportsman to score from the cross-country training, which you need as a professional corridor inside a football field in the function of what you need.

These cross-country trainings are always frequented in the preparation of great sportsmen. Someone like Robert Lewandowski o Zlatan Ibrahimovic get through the martial arts and sports contacts like the taekwondo or the kick boxing. Curiously, some of the football players who have decided to raise their impressive style of work without reducing their level.

A career of long duration

With these principles, Luka Modric is advised to raise his sports career. The most important thing to do is not be able to follow the game of the 36th sea that can be used as a title in a team of maximum efficiency like Real Madrid. That’s what you can do at the level of what you want. When you say that you are the last year, the Croatian is surprised by a new demonstration that is sure to have a rival in your place.

Además, lo hace con un indice de lesiones muy reducido para la enorme cantidad de minutos que disputa. This time, the genius of Zadar has played 37 games and over the barrier of 2,800 minutes between all competitions. I have the lens to renovate the men with a course faster than Real Madrid to discuss the weather and wait for the 150 internationals with the Croatian selection to discuss Qatar World Cup 2022.

Modric lleva ya un temmpo trabajando con Vucetic y los resultados son immejorables. Apply all your advice and try to adapt to your health and mental health depending on the timing of the event. Another fundamental part of engine intelligence. Además, the kinesiologist of Luka added a routine to his preparation that is based on a playmaker.

The work is done with elastic bands, the muscles of flexibility and elasticity of the player are better and healthier and more muscular. If you are a juggler, with the years, you will be rigidly reduced, your career will be reduced drastically and you will often have problems with legions that can be included in chronicles, emphatic to a retired premature. With all this type of work and with the natural capacities that Modric has, it is possible to be able to lay a large level including 40 years.

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