Los Tigres has the talent of Colombians in the baseball of Mexico

Los Tigres has the talent of Colombians in the baseball of Mexico


Cancún (Mexico), Apr 17 (EFE) .- Los Tigres de Quintana Roo apostarán al talento de los colombianos Tito Polo y Reynaldo Rodríguez para buscar su decimotercer titulo en la Liga Mexicana de Baseball, que commenzará el próximo 21 de april.

The central garden of Polo, a beater of short lines with good speed, will be the first in line at the moment of the 27th anniversary of the 27th anniversary of the time of the leader of the triples with the uniforms of the Generals of Durango.

This year, the Puerto Rican manager Tony Rodríguez counted with an offensive power, with Polo as first of all, with the compatriot Rodríguez occupying the tour of the best team beater, third.

The defender of the first base, the origin of Cartagena, was a leader in bases based on the year with 21; el jugador posee poder, pero también tiene fuerza como lo demostró con sus 24 cuadrangulares en el 2019.

Los Tigres, with a seat in the Cancún Balneario, is the second team with more titles in the league, but did not win a championship since 2015, which is an interesting year, with a good combination of Mexicans and foreigners. The Cuban Ronnier Mustelier, third base, is a quartet in the line and the dominance of Olmo Rosario, jardinero izquierdo, quinto.

The body of the lanadores, led by the Mexican estadounidense Terrence Marín, tendré entre sus cinco figuras al dominicano Pedro Fernández y al panameño Antonio Frías.

Los Tigres is classified in the sixth place of the zone in the countryside and the elimination of the example of ‘play off’, 4-1 for more rivals, the Diablo Rojos of Mexico.

The felino team will debut next to April 22 against the Pirates of Campeche, confided in a good tournament, access to the phase of the 12 best and in the title of the title dispute.

La Liga transcurrirá con un rol de 90 juegos para cada uno de los 16 equipos, de los cuales seis de cada zona entrarán en la fase decisiva que se jugará en agosto.

The inaugural game on the 21st of April, when the Toros de Tijuana champion recites the Red Devils; one day will enter the action of other teams.

Los Tigres has the talent of Colombians in the baseball of Mexico

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