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¿Alguna vez se ha preguntado a qué huele el COVID-19? Probationally, a few people have to answer this question. Patricio Galiano, director of the canine training center Working Dogs WDK-9de Tabacundo (Pichincha), is about to find that this virus can detect olfactory viruses.

The German shepherds –Rocky and Kaiser– and the three Belgian shepherds –Raptor, Attila and Halcón– are elegant elegies for admission. Ninguno pasa de los 3 años y, desde cachorros, los entrenaron para detectar explosivos y drogas i buscar a personasa desaparecidas.

The project demonstrates what lo perros pueden ser un buen aliado para la detección del COVID-19sostiene Galiano.

Without embargo, when presenting the project to the various municipalities of the country, but the return of the city is expected to continue with the program. The last one is on the portion of an outsider to decide the donuts.

For security and confidentiality, but you can consider the country in custody or the specific activity that is included in the actual data, according to Galiano.

Solo four days after this country. Raptor no pudo viajar porque para entonces se pensaba que tenía complicaciones medicasas en una pata. You have to take exams and get rid of a surgeon, Raptor has to quit in the country, Patricio wants to know that he does not have time to spend his time on paper and save money.

The project has a cost of approximately $ 35,000. With the acquisition of the lords for this country, he recovered $ 12,000. With this, Patricio’s account, he took the opportunity to represent the investment.

I want to live in a world of colors

The veterinarian Emilia Polo señala que los perros està en la lista de animales con mejor olfato, junto con las ratas y cerdos, pero por su facilidad de adiestramiento son los elegidos para este tipo de trabajos.

Además, have an olfactory capacity of 10,000 times superior to human beings, the specialist specialist. They know with more than 250 million dedicated neurons in the olfactory process. For this reason they are sensitive to the colors that human beings can not perceive.

Este es el caso de los cinco perros de Patricio Galiano que fueron entrenados a fin de detectar el COVID-19. For this training, the canes do not have direct contact with people in contact, but more lo olfatean son mascarillas usadasa fin de escoger la que corresponda a quien se ha infectado del virus.

Like them, every one of them is trained to detect various differences in diseases, such as diabetes, cancer, epilepsy and migraines.

There is a record published in 2019 in the magazine The Journal of the American Osteopathy Association, of the Osteopathic Association Association, which, as a result, is based on a precision of 97% in the identification of pulmonary cancer.

Assimilation, an investment made in 2019 by the University of Bristol, in the United Kingdom, in conjunction with the Medical Detection Dogs organization, concludes that medical detection aids help diabetics in their regular insulin levels.

The studio was realized with 27 birds, an olfactory game of 4,000 episodes of hypoglucemia, lograron alert 83% of the houses. With this demonstration that the dogs can avoid what diabetic patients can do with food, including food.

“All these biochemical processes are segregated olfactory substances, substances that are not present in the life we ​​can perceive, but which thank you for the many olfactory qualities you want,” explains Polo.

This is the sum of a study published in 2021 in the scientific magazine BMC Infectious Diseases, in which he participated in the Faculty of Medicine of the University of Hanover, the University Hospital Hamburg-Eppendorf and the German Council.

In order to invest, it is possible to try this product with special support from the German Armed Forces, which, by 5,000 samples of fluids, correctly identified the virus in 95% of orina samples, 82% of saliva and 91% of sudor.

Od Todos los perros pueden olfatear el COVID-19?

Aunque por lo general los perros tienen un olfato muy agudo, hay karakteristicas en su morphologie que permiten que cirtos perros destaquen entre los demás. The cans are more suitable for this type of work than they have mesocephalic cranees decir, ni tan alargado como el de un galgo ni chato como el de un pug, sino más bien un punto intermedio.

The pastors of the German pastor, the Belgian pastor, golden retriever y beagles their words are from this type of crane, explica Polo.

There is another fundamental factor for the training that can involve a veterinary science in the study of ethology, which is a study the compartment and the yield of the animal. Observations on the techniques of observation, explica Polo, veterinary ethological determinants that the animal is most appropriated for different types of work.

In general, it is sequential that there are those who love their children destacan quienes lactan primero y tienen liderazgo frente al resto de miembros de la camada. In exchange, train for an adult, especially for this type of detection work, it is a complete process, start the specialist. It is through the destinations destined to be your chosen destinations.

With this, Patricio Galiano, who decided that his organization is dedicated to creating and training those who consider talented talents to work.

Working Dogs does not work as a dog breeder, but as a training center for dogs they are fucked up con el fin de convertirlos en perros aptos para desempeñarse en actividades de detección por olfato.

“Our contribution to the rights of those who are adultery and tennis and training to detect substances to support this investment”, commented.

Olfato Canino Vs. COVID-19

Currently, most forms of acceptance confirm or disqualify the effect of COVID-19 from medical examinations, PCR tests and antigens. Precisely Paul Cardenas, microbiologist at the University of San Francisco, explained that los perros no pueden ser estandarizados como pruebas of diagnostics.

“The sensitivity of the sensations that the canes have in the olfactory, this detection of a series of lenses in the total and not to support the unprofitable results”, commented.

Con estó de está de acuerdo Patricio Galiano, pues afirma que el entrenamiento que realiza no tiene como finalidad remplazar las proebas de diagnosticno, sino más bien bien convertirlo en a complementary tool.

Specialists are still in demand the help of the canes series of idioms in agglomeration spaces, as airports, concerts and massive events.

“El apoyo de los perros es una utilidad complementaria porque si el can detecta algún sospechoso, inmediatamente se podría hacer una prueba de antígeno que en diez minutos arroje el resultado y así evitar contagios nuevos”, destaca Cárdenas.

In fact, Raptor continues with his routine of playing and training and, following Patricio’s comments, he expects someone to retaliate with him. investment in other areas and other pathologies.

In the vicinity of Rocky, Kaiser, Attila and Halcón are part of the investments in the country. “They continue to study studios with their dogs, which are assigned to people who have been very careful, and have secured the herring for investments in COVID-19 alone, also from other events,” said Patricio. (I)

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