Tampico-Madero, rehearsal rules for the 1994 First Division

The news deportiva y administrative that live Jaiba Brava del Tampico-Madero the mantle lejos de repeat the hazaña de ascender a la First Division del Mexican footballhoy conocida como Liga Mxproeza que alcanzó 28 years ago to coronate in la Second Divisional superar en la final a los Freseros de Irapuato.

I’m fine conjunto logró in this period three titles in inferior divisionsentre ellos pasar a otro nivel de compete, más el trofeo reciente en la Expansion League Mxthe conditions implemented in quit el ascenso y descensoas posteriorly give certification to teams with the structure to maximize circuitslo dejan fuera of any possibility.

Different case to live un April 16, 1994. The day that was marked in professional sports history de Tamaulipas when the team is leading por José Camacho se quedó con el trophy of timetras acabar como super leader in the regular phase and leave in Liguilla a los Santos de San Luis en final quarters ya los Brujos de San Francisco en semifinals.

In the market, the assistance provided in the el Estadio Tamaulipas follow comments between the celestial aficionadoscasi 30 million people that included occupy the towers of illumination, the technology of the area of ​​thumbs and hast the bardspara no perderse los goals by Francisco Fernández, Sergio Lira and René Mendieta about Trinca Fresera.

Bajo la batuta de Orlegi Groupel TM Football Club protagonist un a couple of towers in the new format established in the midst of 2020. It took place in the finals and in front of Atlantawithout embargo, al ser branch of Santos Laguna y Atlasno have the right to certify and search for a new story.

Between these three decades, the squadron with differential differences ganó el Game of Thrones in the Second Division in 2001 to read the songs Primera A. In the categorical category, in el In 2016, the trophy was won, this is before the Murciélagos de Guamúchil.

It’s past 28 years

In this way, Tamaulipas ha vivido diversas transformations influenced by his propios actors and hechos sucedidos in el país and en el mundo. In el political aspect, Mexico has been governed by 5 presidentsmisma cifra de governors con alternative how many a partiesademás de 15 combined alkaldes between Tampico y Madero City.

Tambéen destaca la renovation of the Catholic Church (Vaticano) in three placesun sign change, terrorist attacks en New York, Madrid, London and Paris, war in Iraq, Afghanistan and at the entrance Russia and Ukrainethe law of a President of the United States of Americaas one health pandemic the world scale.

And lo deportivotranscurrieron 7 FIFA World Cup like Olympic Games. A state level it shines on the el Basketball with trophies of Tampico Correcaminos in Cimeba and LNBPas como de Correcaminos Victoria and the Toros de Nuevo Laredothese are the last in a couple of occasions.

In 1994

– Carlos Salinas de Gortari funcío como Presidente de México.

– George Bush conducts the White House in the United States.

– Appareció el Ejército Zapatista de Liberación Nacional (EZLN).

– Luis Donaldo Colosio, candidate for the presidency of Mexico, was assassinated.

– Microsoft launched Windows for third-party work 3.11.

– The song “The Sing” by Ace of Base is located in number 1 on the Billboard list.

– “La lista de Schindler” won the Oscar in the best movie.

– The telenovela “Corazón Salvaje” was released by the mayor in the country.

– La Embotelladora de Tampico can be found on Avenida Ejército mexicano.

– There is no Boulevard Costero in Playa Miramar.


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