VIDEO: La ONG Caballos en Libertad necesitan ayuda

Caballos en Libertad es una ONG platense que lleva diez años trabajando en el rescate y cuidado de estos animales, muchos de ellos en estado de salud delicado. Actually need to help condition a new hogar.

This ONG has the mission of help and support everyone in the situation with calluses, with affective problems, pathologies or lack of assistance. Una vez que están aptos, siempre que su condición lo permita, pueden ser adoptedados para tener una mejor calidad de vida, familia y espacio adecuado.

The animals that have severe pathologies, which do not need constant care of their eyes, are in the area, where they live with the attention of a 24-hour veterinarian. One of the most important principles that you have is the lack of volunteers that you have to find out and find a job.

How to help

Juan Oliden, a veterinarian specializing in caballos and the encampment of “Caballos en Libertad”, said that he was looking for a third of the volunteers who came to the district, where the social networks had the attention in the camp. “We have 50 dogs and lots of chicos that make you weak for everyone else,” he added.

Who wants to sum up, no necesitan tener experiencia o conocimientos previos you can have personal capacity. I do not want to be able to help the sea in the camp, we have different areas to help. In the social networks, you can find the volunteer planners and from the ONG to get in touch.

On the other hand, in the near future we will be able to avoid a lot and stop paying for the money, which means that the mayor will pay attention to the veterinary care. This is a new place to be built from here and there with boxes for all the animals, a special one for internationals and several installations.

Aquellos que tengan la poibilidad de ayudar, pueden donar arena, cemento, cal, tosca, piedras, ladrillos, perfiles C y chapas, entre lo principal. The other option is to donate through the middle of the bank transfer to the indications that are close to the animal.

How to make a hereditary horse

The ONG establishment, together with other organizations, has a protocol for women who are interested in unmarried cavalry, and in the public or private sector. The first thing that happened here was the denunciation; “Sin denuncia no puede actuar casi nadie”. The police can act as an officer to retrieve a mistreated animal. Luego, get in touch with “Caballos en Libertad” to enter the veterinary attention.

At the moment of being adopted, you have a process that is very unfavorable. “7 of every 10 cables that we give in adoption because we are in good condition,” said Oliden. Tenerlos en buen estado es un requisito fundamental para las familias ya que, si se constata que el animal no está bien, se lo retira: “si no lo quieren devolver, se hace un allanamiento porque están todos judicialisados”.

This method is implemented before the situation is recovered from the recovery of cables in the state and gifts in the adoption with a new life, but in the future, detect that it is established for the same thing as before. Les ha ocurrido que a una yegua debieron hacerle RCP por diez minutos y casi pierde la vida: “La saqué casi muerta. The habían quebrado las cuatro patas ”.

Para Oliden, los caballos son su pasión y se lo transmitte a la familia: “Es muy graficante para mi. I’m in the shape of life and you want to live again. Corporate expression is a fundamental part of what they know about the passages, ”he said.

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