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The University of Peruvian Soccer Characters University of Sports y Alianza Lima it is amplio, pero pocos dejaron huella y alcanzaron el ekito. Eduardo Esidio he is one of the most fortunate in extinction, he was crowned tricampeón with los cremas (1998, 1999 and 2000), he was an absolute goleador and he won a title with the blanquiazules (2001), in the Centenary.

It is said that there are a number of consecutive national championships in our football. Recognizable innable and charla obligada, but you have a classic view of the kitchen, which is dominated by the Monumental Stadium. “Thanks to God for playing championships and marking a record of goals that mark one.” has sincera confession of brazilian with Depor. No animo a dar un escore para el duel de los ‘compadres’, pero sí destacó el juego de los ‘9’: Alex Valera y Hernán Barcos. Además, recorded anecdotes with Roberto Chale and “Cuto” Guadalupe, as well as the best goals in classics.

Fuiste tricampeón con University of Sports and champion con Alianza Lima en Centenario. It is a classic of Peruvian football. How are you?

With an allegory enorme al poder transmitir a través de ustedes el cariño que le tengo a toda la gente de Peru, especialmente a la hinchada de Universitario. This shirt makes me so beautiful. I received a lot of good advice from a great team, and it facilitated the need to work with a lot of professionalism inside and out of the pool. Conocí el lado humano de todas las personas, los grupos, los hinchas, quienes alentaban durante los noventa minutos. Thanks to Dios, you have to apologize to the group and I just have to enjoy the classics, have allergies, the car is high.

What time was it for the keys to the 98 ′, 99 ′ and 2000 campaigns?

We have a lot of confidence. Each of them is individual, but we know that we are represented by ‘U’. We enter the cano without preoccupations, but they are the ones who can empathize with the pilot to give an allergy. The characters do not know that we are without cobras, but thank God for the problems that can be found on the couch. Nothing distracts us. The union is very big, it already exists. The defects of the pagos are a lot of us.

With the auspices of the University of the University, you can find different things in the classics. What goal did you get?

Thanks to God, I always mark it in the classics, but it is the fruit of the work of the seed. Always have a good reading of the game from the training, it helped me a lot. Uno de los partidos que más recuerdo fue el gol anotado de tiro libre. (2000). Speaking of Paolo Maldonado, my money and peace of mind, I have confidence. Le dije para patearlo y salió un bonito gol. Also available before the Sporting Crystal at the inauguration of the Monumental, we are in love with the stage.

This domingo is a classic that is played in the Monumental and shines a total linen, but only with creams …

The University of Hinchada is the largest in Peru. Don’t forget the monument to the Monumental. Eliento de los hinchas sera importante para los jugadores, quienes cuando escuchen su nombre salbrán dispuestos a pelear cada pelota como si fuera la última. El apoyo sells from the grandstand, as well as the balance sheet motivated to play for the triumph.

What anecdotes are you looking for in creams?

The room is a part of the team. We are the ones who “Puma” Carranza is like a captain, a great friend, a great man, an excellent person. It was reserved, but you found a classic anecdote. With Roberto Chale, we welcome triumphs and gossip, as the professor asked me in the chamber: “Esidio, are we going to win?”, And he answered: “Let’s go, let’s go. It’s time for you to be here, but my friends have been trying to find Chale and he has been in this situation. Why? Esidio le había dicho que ibamos a ganar y que anotaría dos goles. Very good, very confident and allegorical.

Is it true that some people found you in the streets with “Cuto” Guadalupe?

Sí, por las calles, me decían: “Cuto”, pero tenía que decir soy Esidio. Security for the statue, we are great. The people found a lot of bromine with this topic. “Cuto” passes for a good moment, I have a lot of money to play. I’m happy, she’s a big person. It is a very special friend, they have a program, but I was not invited.

Are you a classic cowboy?

Only the Bible. From the concentrations, the opinion is positive. Thank you for the good moment. You can recommend me to have protection, equal to my companions, on the couch. Jamás pedía ganar, todo era la voluntad de Dios.

How did you live up to the week of classics?

Era especial, pero no solo para los jugadores, sino también para la prensa, los hinchas. We are more concentrated, we keep a lot of energy. When I was in a bad moment, I triumphed in the classic cambia muchas cosas. The “U” and the Alliance have won with victories, but this is the moment to be concentrated.

Jugaste en eterno rival, Alianza Lima, y ​​saliste campeón en el Centenario …

I would like to meet the Universalio i igual que Ciurlizza, Farfán e Ibáñez, but we are not interested in irnos, but in the queens to make a better campaign in the Copa Libertadores, but the economic issue is complicated. I thought that I was in Brazil, but I didn’t want to be safe, I could only find the news that the goal scorer didn’t want to go to the University. Alliance me with a project, with a lot of professionalism, that was the Centenary. I want the best to win the championship and my convention. Thanks to Dios pude ganarme el respeto de los hinchas con mi trabajo. I also bought the U, but one of them is a professional.

What do you know about “U” and the Alliance?

I’m so u “U”. You have three years and a lot, a triumphant game, friends, you can be a professional, as you can find another door: Alianza Lima. I have a great respect. I feel sorry for the part of the story of the two big shirts, the left in my heart.

On December 8, 2000, the University opened the title. The maximum announcer for Eduardo Esidio with 37 goals, beating the record of the maximum announcer at a time. (Photo: GEC Archivo)


University remontó y ganó en Ayacucho, 1-2, con diez jugadores. Did you see Andy Polo’s goal against the final?

Sí, el gol me hizo recordar al de “Beto” Carranza en Cerro de Pasco, en el último minuto, también. It has a very different zone of play, high altitude. It has a very complicated part. Now, in the classic, there are no favorites. The week one should be concentrated to make good hair. Alliance also includes a classic with confidence, with a victory.

¿Qué te parece el juego de Alex Valera?

This is a good thing, it’s a reference to the “U” offensive. She is confident. Your showcase is the dress of the University’s closet. The defense should be preoccupied. But you can save space, the money can cost you a lot.

¿Y Hernán Barcos?

It has a good reading, location. They have facilities for playing games. This is Brazil, well with the selection of Argentina. It is a type of player who can move inside the canvas. It is a player that “U” should be concentrated, it is easy to pick up the pelota.

Do you have the result?

It’s very complicated. I am from “U”, but it is a classic. Universitario juega en casa, tendrá el apoyo de la hinchada, habra hafianza, pero Alianza es un equippo experimentado.

The current account of the Peruvian clubs is at the international level …

The Peruvian clubs have to hire experienced players. The matches of the Copa Libertadores are distinct. You are playing again, and you have lost a lot of money. Hay que estar preparado. Here in Brazil, the big teams have contractions to play international tournaments.

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