Coahuila has one to apply more than 356 million doses of antiCOVID vacuum cleaner

This April, in Coahuila, it has a target of 356 million 100 doses of the AstraZeneca vacuum in the mayor’s office of 18 years of state, this is part of the Midsummer Day of Massacre against COVID-19 is implemented in various health institutions such as the Social Security, ISSSTE, Sedena and the Secretariat of Health, in coordination with the Gobierno de México.

El Secretario de Salud en esta entidad, Roberto Bernal Gómez, recordó que en esta campaña pueden participar aquellas personas que tengan pendiente primeras y segundas dosis, así como la tercera dosis de refuerzo.

“The main lens completes the evacuation and with it, blinds the state of this deadly virus,” he said.

Explain that Jueves and Viernes Santo, staff of the Secretariat of Health, are staying in public places, mainly due to high tourist competition. In Torreón, the Santuario de Cristo Rey del Cerro de las Noas, the Plaza Mayor, and some commercial centers of the city are considered. Among other municipalities such as Francisco I. Madero and San Pedro de las Colonias, the inoculation program was held at the Sports Units.

“The national strategy of vaccination is based on a coordinated participation of the IMSS, the ISSSTE, the units of health of the SEDENA and the health centers, which are also offered in these vacuums,” he commented.

The opinion that the Moon of the General Hospitals and the units of the health sector of the state of the country is biologically important, important for avoiding the promotion and contingency of COVID-19.


Bernal Gómez informs that to start the months of April 18, the points of evacuation of the following states:

Jurisdicción Sanitaria 6 en Torreón: Hospital General de Torreón, Hospital General de Matamoros, Centro de Salud Abastos and Centro de Salud Las Luisas as como los ejidos Flor de Jimulco, Boquillas de las Perlas, Gilita, Gabino Vázquez, Hormiguero y Santo Niño Agugu.

En Jurisdicción 7 de Francisco I. Madero: Hospital Integral FIM, Valle Acatita, Unidad Deportiva Francisco I. Madero, Unidad Deportiva San Pedro y Charcos de Risa.

In the Jurisdicción Sanitaria de Piedras Negras is operating the Salud World Center New and the General Piedras Negras Hospital.

En la Jurisdicción Sanitaria de Acuña, el Hospital General and en la Jurisdicción Sanitaria Sabinas, el Centro de Salud Sabinas and el Centro de Salud Múzquiz.

In the Jurisdicción Sanitaria de Monclova el Hospital General de Monclova and el Centro de Salud Guadalupe, mentsras que en la Jurisdicción Sanitaria Cuatro Ciénegas, los Centros de Salud de Ocampo, Lamadrid y Sacramento.

Finally, at the Saltillo Sanitary Jurisdiction, there were training modules at the Canacintra and at the General Hospital.

For example, the National Vaccination Strategy against SARS-CoV-2, institutions such as the Secretariat of Health, the Social Security, the ISSSTE and the Sedena are responsible for the operational plan for the implementation of the rapid application and biological efficiency tal and como sucede cada año con la campaña de vacunación contra la la influenza estacional.

In recent days, Roberto Bernal Gómez, said that after the Second Reunion Ordinary Region 2022 of the National Council of Health for the Biennales (Conasabi), he commented that he has 19 million available AstraZeneca vacuums, because of this time I wanted to meet vacuum, before which you lose vigence and proceed to destruction.


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