Schiaretti inaugurated another social polydeport in the Río Cuarto

The polydeportivo requires an inversion of 40 million pesos. Photo: Gobierno de la Provincia.

You are beautiful, the governor Juan Schiaretti inaugurated the Social Polydeportivo that transformed the life of 1,500 families del barrio San Eduardo, en el sudoeste de la ciudad de Río Cuarto.

The initiative is included in the program 100 Polideportivos Sociales, which will be able to consolidate these places in the points of study and community participation. As you can, you will be able to enter the world, you will be able to practice sports, recreation, cultural activities, capacities, skills and activities of prevention and safety.

The inaugurations are polydeportivo what is spectacular. The feeling of these plains is a place of family history, of the barrio and of the children”, Said Schiaretti.

In this sense, the Governor remarked on the role of the Barricades of Prevention and Convention: “His los que administran a estos polideportivos y permiten generar el entramado social. Thank you for being able to have a radiograph of the barrier and know the events that make it possible to solve the life you live for. ”

El Polideportivo requires an inversion of 40 million pesos and with a semi-covered playground equipped for children, children and young people can practice football, basketball and hockey. Además, has a modular living room with offices for multiple use and a recuperative entrance with tree, infantry and mobile games.

Get out of here This job has been announced by the Governor in April 2021 y sejecuto a través de un convenio firmado con el intendente Llamosas.

Schiaretti, además, adelantó que La Provincia constructs other social polydeportivo en barrio Banda Nortecon lo cual la Capital alterna contra con tres espacios de este tipo. The inversion totals 120 million pesos.

Accompanying the example of the prime minister, the intendant of the Río Cuarto, Juan Manuel Llamosas; the Minister for the Promotion of Employment and the Family Economy of Córdoba, Laura Jure; and its members of Vinculación Komunitaria, Paulo Cassinerio; de Salud, Diego Cardozo; and Public Works, Ricardo Sosa; the deputy Carlos Gutiérrez; and the Director General of the Río Cuarto Delegation, Samantha David.

On the other hand, the Cassinerio announced that in the Río Cuarto we will take the March of the Fourth Counsejos Barriales in the quarters of the most vulnerable children of this city. You will be computing through all the barrier institutions and most of the car convoys. It is a lack of work in the Province, the municipality and the community ”.

On the other hand, Llamosas expresses: “This is a model of participation and gesture that makes it possible for each of the institutions and the majority in the decisions of the local authorities to be executed in conjunction with the Provincial Government. We are satisfied with how the family finds itself and the children can enjoy this space ”.

Equipment for San Antonio de Padua Hospital

Como parte de su visita a la ciudad de Río Cuarto, Schiaretti, junto al ministro de Salud, Diego Cardozo, entrego last generation equipment at the San Antonio de Padua Hospital with a capacity of 56 million pesos. It is listed in the Provincial Hospital Rehabilitation Plan, which objectively modernizes the median apparatus and high completion of the provincial hospital.

The new equipment includes a set of skeletal lamps, four months of complete anesthesia anesthesia, four multi-parameter monitors with capnography, a laparoscopy tower, two X-ray equipment teams, a fetal monitor, multi-connected heaters servo-controlled humidifiers and an arc in C.

WhatsApp Image 2022-04-13 at 3.45.42 PM

Además, the Ministry of Health continues to be able to improve the equipment of the hospital, with the intervention of a camel of parts, angiograph, digitizer of radiology and mammography, mammography and central regional sterilization of computes for sterilizers from Vapo, entre .

Cardozo found the investment and aggregation that led to the implementation of the provincial program “we are working on the incorporation of new equipment and renovation of existing equipment that is taking place.”

In this manner, due to the capacity of attention, level of services and equipment, the Hospital San Antonio de Padua is constantly consolidating with the nosocomio more important than the provincial interior.

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