Contingent of Colombian pilots in the LMB

Colombian pilots playing in Mexico. External funds.

City of Mexico ( / Leopoldo Ramírez Quezada) .- The hot pelota mezclada with cumbia and vallenato alzó la mano. The characteristic natural rhythm for the ball was transferred to the diamonds and now the Colombian baseball advertises a protagonist role in the international level.

First of all the history of the Colombian Legion of 2021 in the Grand Leagues. A total of once coffee shops in Gran Carpa, the highest number of all times: Gio Urshela (Yankees), José Quintana (Angelinos y Gigantes), Julio Teherán (Tigres), Donovan Solano (Gigantes), Jorge Alfaro (Marlines ), Nabil Crismatt (Padres), Luis Patiño (Padres), Harold Ramírez (Indios), Óscar Mercado (Indios), Reiver Sanmartín (Rojos) and Jhon Romero (Nacionales).

“Colombia’s baseball player has a new chip,” said Orlando Palma, a Colombian chronicler representing the WBSC. He is going to be the baseball of the Grand League, which is all there and what he means. This is important in the mental state, the goal is to target and treat the alcantara. This generation is ready to meet all the adversities, play against a cultural change, the idiom change, the food. La mente es un factor clave para el exito del pelotero colombiano actual ”.

The Colombian-born diamond about the diamond of the Caribbean Serie 2022, with the title awarded to the Cayman Islands of Barranquilla, is a triumph that has the proportion of a landlord to win in the final final of the local Dominican Republic.

“It was a historic story for the Colombian deportation,” said Palma, who was also the official of the Caranes de Barranquilla. We don’t have to play a game from the Caribbean Series. This team is playing with the heart, with the entrance. We don’t have anything to lose and much to lose ”.

En elranran de la temporada 2022 de la Gran Carpa Colombia ya vivió otra hazaña: el 11 de abril el pitcher Jorge Alfaro y el receptor Nabil Crismatt, de los Padres de San Diego, formaron la primera kolamiana colombiana de todos los tiempos en el mejor baseball of the world.

Ahora, the inertia of the Sudamerican countries in the rey de los deportes se traslada a la Liga Mexicana de Baisbol, en donde tres de sus representatives represent confirmed for el arranque de la temporada 2022: Reynaldo Rodríguez (Tigres), Tito Polo (Tigres) y Elkin Alcalá (Olmecas).

The offensive of the Tigres of Quintana Roo was carried out in the great meditation of the Exit, which was at the entrance of the Order of the Bat of the Colombians.

Reynaldo Rodríguez, the popular ‘Rey Tigre’, the ‘Chencho’ for the cuates, has played three campaigns in the Mexican Baseball League: with Bravos de León, on arrival at the Veraniego circuit in 2017; and with the Bengal team, in 2019 and 2021.

“It’s one of the best Colombian beaters in the Menors League and the Independent League of the last years,” commented Orlando Palma. It is a combination of power, contact and speed about the bases ”.


Account with new times of experience in the following Yankees, Medias Rojas and Mellizos.

The Cartagena cannon beats the heart of the fanatics in 2019, with an offensive explosion that includes .367 battalion percentages, 24 paratroopers and 79 impulse rounds in 63 games.

In 2021 there are .291 percentages, four squares and 38 remarks in 63 games. Surprise everyone in the League to end with the leader of the bases: finalized with 21 stages, including Herlis Rodríguez (20), Isaac Rodríguez (17) and Alonzo Harris (16).

El ‘Rey Tigre’ viene de ser nombrado el Jugador Más Valioso de la Serie del Caribe 2022. Comandó a los Caimanes de Barranquilla con .500 de porcentaje de bateo (se fue de 26-13), con un palo de vuelta entera y produjo four cars.

Tito Polo is synonymous with contact and speed. The 27-year-old garden of San Andrés Island, near the famous Baseball World Cup 2017 with spectacular views in the central garden. Jungó durante ocho campañas en sucursales de Piratas, Yankees, Medias Blancas y Marineros. Located at the LMB in 2019 with the Acereros de Monclova. Tambéen is also for the Rieleros de Aguascalientes and los Generales de Durango.

“Tito Polo is missing a bit of luck to play in the Grand Leagues – Palma village”. It is a very fast one, which is everything and professionalism about the field ”.


Polo, from 27 years old, has a better time than a professional. In 2021, there were 43 games with La Tropa de Villa and the end of the week with the best goal score with .375. .

For your part, Elkin Alcalá has a presentation at the Mexican Baseball League. He is a 24-year-old lancer of Cartagena. He will occupy the site that works with the Colombian Olmecas de Tabasco, also the Colombian leader Luis Escobar, leader of the 2021 circuit with 2.54, and who will launch in 2022 in the League of Taiwan.

“Alcalá tiene una gran presencia monticular —dijo Orlando Palma—, pero no es física, sino mental. It’s a pitcher with a lot of personality and a lot of fun. Every one that sube a lomita lo hace para retar a los bateadores. Alcalá está para grandes cosas y le va a ir muy bien en la Liga Mexicana de Baisbol ”.

Elkin brilliantly intensified with the Caranes de Barranquilla in the Caribbean Serie 2022. Realization of the finances and in the final ante Dominican Republic of Lucia with 5.2 entries of a career, four hits and a recipe for chocolates.

El derecho fue firmado por los Marlines de Miami cuando apenas tenía 18 años. It is manned with the lots of durable cuckoo campanas, pero fue dejado en libertad debido a la pandemia de Covid-19. I found a return to the Italian baseball, with the team of the Collection of the Serie A1, with those who started a game without a hit in the car, with 21 ponches of medium, in front of the novella of Sala Baganza.

The final of the 2021 season in Italy with an efficiency of 2.22, the best quarter of the circuits between the pitchers with 15 or more apertures.


In Italy, the key was to be taken to the Selection of Colombia, which won the bronze medal in the Sub-23 World Cup. Alcalá fue el único serpentinero que realizó tres aperturas en el torneo, terminó con un porcentaje de carreras limpias admitidas de 2.27 y fue el pitcher que ganó el juego por la la bronzela de bronze.

Located in the winter on the beach with the Caranes de Barranquilla and termino como sublider in the efficiency of the Colombian League with 1.42. You have a 4-1 record in new apertures.

Además de ellos tres, hay otro pelotero que se puede unir al contingente de Colombia en la LMB: el lanzador derecho Jeffry Niño busca un sitio en la pretemporada con los Guerreros de Oaxaca. I have 25 years ago, in the Barranquilla region, with a few times of experience in the successes of the Cincinnati Knights and also in the Caranes de Barranquilla Champions of the Caribbean Serie.

As you are not surprised and you are a narrator who loves the spectacular games about the diamond “there are bacans”, the Colombian man in the baseball that expands with the speed of the world leader.

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