A jornada divertida entre vacas, setas, caballos y acantilados

Visit a caserío to find an ancestral office, a set route, the flysch visto desde el mar and a tiro session with a bow arch for a holiday of Semana Santa Cercanas

Iratxe López

¿Don’t you have to go on vacation or have you returned and are you a little depressed? La Semana Santa y la de Pascua offers a world of opportunities for women who have the opportunity to counter the days of freedom. Take care of the adults and with the fish. We present you a lot of activities looking for a house that will make you look at the time of return to class work.

I want to look at the most important things, but this time it is ideal to stay in your search. Toca, por tanto, opuntarse a una salida a la traves de la naturaleza para distinguir las variedades disponible en esta estación y classificarlas… no pienses en atracones culinarios. It was just a few minutes of Vitoria in the kitchen, near Gorbea, the mountains of Vitoria, Opakua … accompanied by an expert mythologist who spoke about every night. “We are looking, for example, for the morchella esculenta, which has the peculiarity of contouring with the shape of the pan, which is also the denomination of the colmenilla. Hay que tener cuidado con ella porque es doblemente toksica, un riesgo que desaparece cuando se deshidrata. The other is thermostable, it should be eliminated with the temperature. It can be reconsidered for commercialization in a dehydrated state, but it is always possible to rehydrate the toxin, which is needed to cook, to be as good as anything, ”commented José David Fernández.

Searching for money, a generation of long-lived ascetics, which is distinguished by the strength of the union between the pie and the sombrero is in line with the final of this ultimate, practicing freedom in total. Helvellas, hongos también ascomicetos, setas extrañas con estruktura u formu de flute y superficie inferior vellosa. O marasmius oreades, la senderuela, que crece en form de corro, arco o formando un círculo al que se suele llamar corro de brujas. Y la calocybe gambosas, el perretxiko de toda la vida, que aflora en marzo «y se usa durante las fiestas de San Prudencio, para saborearlo con caracoles, aquí en Álava por ejemplo», finaliza Fernández.

Elorrio (Bizkaia)

Experience in the body

Take the family and live to know the life of the baserritarras, the train in the huerta and the care of the animals. The Belaze sample project is an office in the Zenitaldecoa barracks, the barracks of Zenita. “We are based on ecological and sustainable production, respecting nature and diversity. Tratamos de transmitir estos valores a quienes se acercan, porque amamos lo que hacemos y nos gusta compartirlo con los demás », especifican sus impulsores. The idea is to complete an active record for the house, the plantations and the square, to feel and explore the rural routine of all kinds of feelings.

“A los maques peques de la casa símpre les hace ilusión ver de cerca los animales; las vacas son nuestras protagonistas, ya que dan origen al producto estrella, el yogur, que podrán degustar al finalizar la actividad », prometen. Naturaleza y flora adornan el entorno; they will encourage you to respect. The Zenita is distinguished, además, antiguos edificios, molinos, caseríos de piedra, lavaderos, incluo la fuente de agua sulfurada Uratsa i la necrópolis de Argiñeta, uno de los monumenton funerarios más importantes del País Vasco. “We have the opportunity to know how to pay for the project of the animals as the animals that compare the space in the office. We will be able to compare the differences between the life of the case and the actual », asseguran.

Barrika (Bizkaia)

Cable arch

“Turks, Mongols and Germans reincarnated in international competitions of this discipline very famous for Spain. Emula una ancestral activity, usada casi desde el principio de los tiempos, o al menos dese que los humanos conseguimos domar a los caballos ». The phrase Jose Miguel Larrinaga, who accompanied you on this adventure in Barrika. Aprovecha para probarla ya que solo hay cuatro clubes en todo el país que la ofrecen.

Assassination attempts, because there are people and media in a strong quote. The first 30 minutes served to familiarize with the arch and the tiro, the pie and sento. The 30 followers practice equating to your equinox, learning to communicate with the Order. “It is important to know the correct position of the body to have the right to play with the head, maneuver with the feet, because of the participation of the participant who wants to be without friends, leading the animal only thanks to the pears and feet”, said.

This media activity now combines and prompts you to try on three days. “It’s very safe, let’s go to the knight in the past, we’ll be able to live, and we’ll be able to get to the point of winding up. It is necessary to increase the length of the movement in the line, the curves are only available to retrieve the arch. The thing is complicated in this point, but it is very fun », recalca. You can watch the sabbaths from 18.00 hours and the domingos from 16.00 hours.

Zumaia (Gipuzkoa)

Essential fly

We have a lot of emotion and a walk in the boat, we feel that we really trust you on vacation. The visit of a member of the Txomin Agirre village in Zumaia and the mayor of Cantábrico is a different perspective about the great book of evolution in Tierra, which is the Geoparque de la Costa Vasca. The place where the UNESCO World Cup Geoparque was declared in 2015; marcaban de esta forma su especial relevancia a nivel internacional en cuanto a paisaje geológico de valor exceptional. Why? Porque en los estratos de la costa de Deba a Mutriku y Zumaia se encuentran huellas de la extinción de los dinosaurios y de otros moments claves para la historia del planeta.

The visit of the guide to the maritime part of the protected biotope. “We know the spectacular hot flashes, with a history of up to 50 million years, great spreads of more than 100 meters, high voices and greats of the great seas of Europe”, explained the organizers.

Contemplating the harmony of green pasta and woods that follows from the line of the costa to the other side, even though it is important to know what it means. As the weather in the area is capricious, in the case of cancellation of the quote you can be beautiful, offer the ability to realize the solidity of the pie, to know the depth of natural and geological patrimony with a beautiful pasture over the acanthid. “We are celebrating the famous hermitage of San Telmo, where we will discover the amazing landscape that offers the imposing accents”, written by “Ocho apellidos vascos” and the series “Game of Thrones”.


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