Solas with Merritt Wever, Fivel Stewart and Liz Flahive by “Roar”, a feminine kaleidoscope converted into a miniseries

“Roar” is a preview of the Apple TV Plus miniseries that adapted the novella from the short stories of the Irish writer Cecelia Ahern. Preview at the show, we talk to one of the creators, Liz Flahive (“Glow”) and the stars Merritt Wever and Fivel Stewart, who protagonized the episodes by the time of separation.

Define How do you define the experience of a woman from different scenarios and perspectives? The Irish writer Cecelia Ahern llevó al mundo de la literatura diversas respuestas en las páginas de Roara collection of short stories that a group of stories characterized by drama, comedy, extravaganza and a sense of sensation to conquer the freedom of femininity. April 15, Apple TV + launches a miniserie that adapts this book bajo la mirada de Liz Flahive and Carly Mensch, the guionists who placed the celebrity Glow.

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Median connection to video, Infobae I need to talk to Flahive and two of the actors who integrate the elephant, Merritt Wever (Inconceivable) y Fivel Stewart (Atypical). Each of their comparisons is related to the novel by Ahern and as a lograron constructs historical histories in short episodes for a limited series, the only one that allows you to expand is to get rid of the trauma.

Each episode of time is centered in a feminine person. They differentiate themselves by marriage, ethnicity and perspectives of life, but everyone has something to do. (Apple TV Plus)

“We have very different brains, as we answer when we are very special”, added Liz Flahive sobre su trabajo junto a Carly Menschand aggregated that most of the diversities of this property were that some chapters were very short or the name of the characters was discovered: “The thing we love from books is that stories in reality are very funny […] You have an idea, the premise of an allegory very bad in a story of stories that really attract you”.

“And I created that Cecelia was very open with us, she was happy to tell us stories and stories we completed and completed ours”, said the initiator of the project. . She was very generous and proud: ‘No, tómenlo. It’s suyo ‘. And this is something different now, that this is an emotional emotion for us ”.

You can work together
After working in “Glow”, Liz Flahive and Carly Mensch adapted the Ahern relays for television. “Very open with us,” said Flahive. (Apple TV Plus)

The supply offer Roar the pantalla chica también is justified in the great opportunity to write about the stories protagonized by women and what is the difference between them. For the co-creator, a series of como a “caleidoscopic success” that is due to its variability (of voices, edates and points of view), but without being affirmed by what it is, like that, it is all that its women are. Part of this vision, it is a heredity of thought Cecelia Ahernfollow the details.

To consult on your favorite episode of the time, Liz Flahive I protested immediately: “I can’t do my favorite thing!” No embargo, no pudo evitar confesar que ama “The Woman Who Was Fed By A Duck” (“La mujer que fue alimentada por un pato”), protagonizado por Merritt Wever –A quien conoce desde Nurse Jackie-, for the sake of writing, puddle can also be found behind the chambers for conducting. The experience is unique and very extravagant.

“When we hit it, we know that it feels like a woman and a duck to be in such beautiful scenes,” he said. “Emotional fire, because we are in the heart of the flock, you know? A veces cuando haces cosas, dices: ‘Esto funcionará, porque lo he visto antes’. Y cuando lo planeábamos, era como que no había visto una escena así antes. We are not exactly filming to make a sexual scene with a duck, but we will save it ”.

“The Woman Who Was Fed By A Duck” is the sixth episode of the time and is starring Merritt Wever. (Apple TV Plus)

The mother who “amo” a duck and another who amo a los caballos

Merritt Weverrecorded by dar aa Zoey Barkow en Nurse Jackie y por ser la intrépida detective de Inconceivableprotagoniza uno de los capítulos más bizarros de Roar. From the beginning, she considered that she would act with a real animal or be the most different. Al llegar al set, la complicidad entre la la protagonista y Justin, el pato, hizo posible el romance entre estos dos personajes. It’s complicated in the usual way: the act and how to make it honest is to interpret a scene.

Una parte de la narrativa que inventé para mí es que este personaje está en un lugar muy incierto. She is very disconnected from the people most close to her, as she suffers a lot. Y se encuentra con este ser que ella cree que la está alimentando con cosas buenas, que la van a ayudar ”, sostuvo acerca deThe Woman Who Was Fed By A Duck”. “In the transcendence of the episode, the account of what he is eating with the things he has done in the final year of the episode, taking care of the food alone”.

The actress needs a real duck to live with her life history with gas lighting and toxic relations.  (Apple TV Plus)
The actress needs a real duck to live with her life history with gas lighting and toxic relations. (Apple TV Plus)

We also consider that this chapter has an eco al gaslighting, a type of emotional abuse very common in couples, but that, in this case, is in a relationship that covers a woman with a duck. For other reasons, an aspect that is considered “defiant” of this television production to enter the history of this person in public with a base of good money.

“One of the different parts of this episode is that we are treating against a story about something that can lead to a long and repetitive period of time and only have a realist limit. [de tiempo] what a quick succession. As it is, I hope that the way of honesty and creation can be seen. However, I am in the middle of the 30-page media, but I have a lot of time to read a story and I need a lot of skill to do well, ”he said.

The difference from your colleague to a friend Roarthe chapter of Fivel Stewart he is the only one who is originally in the book and has a clear writing for television. “The Girl Who Loved Horses”(“ La chica que amaba los caballos ”) requirió un duro entrenamiento para la joven actriz, aunque ella ha estado completamente familiarizada con este entorno desde su niñez. Do you really love real life?

Fivel Stewart, conocida por on the paper of Izzie en
Fivel Stewart, conocida by the paper of Izzie in “Atypical”, bought the dream of acting in a production of the epic grace of “Roar”. (Apple TV Plus)

“Oh, yes! Price by price. Crecí con caballos”He said. “You can mount the cable with the American mount, as it is useful. Y Jane, my personaje, monta sin una, así que tuve que aprender ese estilo y eso fue un mundo diferente”, The result is about the experience in the set that obliges you to have a network of practical film sessions. “You have an experience as long as possible Roar, more than a week and media or film and terminator […] I think you can grab a movie ”.

Además de cumplir el suéño de actuar en una pieza de época, Stewart destacó que la idea principal detrás de esta istoria es que “la violencia no es el camino usualmente”. In one initiation, Jane wanted to take revenge against the man who was in love with her father, but the pastor’s wife – who wants to consider her friend – was intent on her intentions to take the suicide mission.

“I feel like grabbing a movie,” said the 25-year-old star about his film experience “The Girl Who Loved Horses”. (Apple TV Plus)

“I hope that women will be able to find this episode, which is included in the last one, only that I can breathe and end the situation and that the correct things are finally over,” he said. To weigh what is a fragment in the estuary between the pages of Cecelia Ahernella lo leyó durante el rodaje: “Las historias en general son increíbles y el hecho de que lo sean, pero que también sea tan tan impactantes… Ella hizo un trabajo increíble”.

The most popular role is Izzie Taylor Atypicalwe consult a Fivel Stewart you will be able to recover with a spin-off centered on his fiction and by Casey Gardner, the German man of Sam. “It simply came to our notice then. Work with Brigette [Lundy-Paine] in a series of a dream ”, recognition between drawings. “Tendría la vida resuleta. Diría: ‘está bien, es todo lo que necesito’. That’s a lot of fun. “

The very episodes of Roar will be available until April 15 Apple TV +.


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