Female polo: by ayudar, Frances Townend fue arrollada by a truck and pass cinco months in a hospital; hoy juega el Mundial en Palermo

That’s what los caballos son las piernas de los polistas I never feel so sad. Frances Townend no reprime el llanto cuando cuenta lo que implica para ella estar representando a England an example Women’s polo world. Have new years, casi perdió las piernas and one accidental vial. Hoy carece de fuerza y ​​sensibilidad en la pierna derecha, you have a damn thing y fireplace with heatingwith the assistance of a bastón-muleta. Arriba del caballo, es una más.

“When we mount the horse get in touch with me. Convert to my pears”, Explica Townend en medio de los festejos tras participar en la victoria por penales, 3-2before Argentinaafter one 3-3 en el partido que cerró el grupo A. “Los caballos fueron tan buenos … Hicieron que la discapacity que tengo pasara desapercibida. We can’t play without the horses. They are the athletes ”.

In May 2013, Townend, a doctor, was on the M4 motorway to assist in a transit accident and the truck hit. “We have to go to the bank and we don’t have time to move. I would like to say that he is a sparrow, he is trying to get rid of the man who is staying, working to breathe a few minutes of police and assistance, ”he said. Sufrió fractures de bags, perforations in the pulmones, turns de la aortic artery y del higado, intestinal blood, lastimaduras and one riñón, cervical fractures y pelvis y, about everything, quebraduras and las piernas. First of all, dieron que debian amputee de las rodillas hacia abajo. Después de five months in the hospitalque I don’t want to go for a walk. “The most important thing is to follow the years, between internationalization and rehabilitation,” said Frances. I want to be the first to stay in Argentina, but I like it very much, I don’t know what to do cancha 2 of Palermo.

Townend is dislocated on foot with a mule cane, but the cavallos are like a jugadora more.Sergio Llamera – LA NACION

“It’s very emotional for me.” I want to talk to you again. “It is the first example that the game in Argentina and I represent it in England and the example of the Feminino World Cup. Be recognized in the same level as the rest of the women in Ingleterra, my condition is very mobile.”.

Fran juegan con una montura australiana, más “honda” que las tradicionales, y tiene un arnés con el que se ajusta al caballo. This is the second time in which it is represented in England, a place of interest in the European Championship in Italy. She is also dedicated to medicine, she is a deporte occupant of a central place in her life: Game in Gran Brittany, in Australia, in New Zealand, and now in Argentina. Es the major form of rehabilitation. It’s a pity to play with my hand, and it’s easy to recover more. El polo me hace pensar y usar más el lado derecho. I like to have enough money to play in this level. Every time I play I feel better, more in shape, more good ”.

The triumph that was in a second plan. Luego del 3-3, Inglaterra se impuso en los penales y obtuvo el primer lugar de la zona, por lo que these games are found with United States in the first semifinal, at 2.30 pm on the couch 2, with free entry. A las 16, la Argentina is living with Italythe European champion, who came to the North American por 4½ and 4.

Pese la caída en el desempate, el equipo argentino, que utilizó cuatro jugadoras distintas a las del debut, ante Irlanda, se quedó con una buena sensación. If you are a great durante los primeros cinco chukkers y caía por 3-1, en el ultimo tuvo una gran reacción animica i igualó sobre el final.

Contents, claro: the English Emma Tomlinson, Heloise Wilson-Smith, Amelia Hughes and Townend superaron a la Argentina in Buenos Aires for penalties and their semifinalists invited in the first World Cup.
Contents, claro: the English Emma Tomlinson, Heloise Wilson-Smith, Amelia Hughes and Townend superaron a la Argentina in Buenos Aires for penalties and their semifinalists invited in the first World Cup.Sergio Llamera – LA NACION

“It simply came to our notice then. Always I’m very organized and fast, like the crows. We are not surprised by the goodness of the game. This is the polo house”, Elogó Townend. England is a pioneer in women’s polo and favoritesmost of which is about to play with handicap and in Argentina to have the sale of the location.

Frances Townend ya ganó.

Femenino World Cup: Argentina vs.  England
Femenino World Cup: Argentina vs. EnglandSergio Llamera – LA NACION

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