The derby polo que vale, pero amiguiñas semper

The grand mayor of the exporters coincided. But it is important that this title, ascenso o tal victoria son las personas que te llevas. Lazos. He is a true lord of sports, equal to any human activity. There are many more that Lorena Pérez Alonso and Sarai Samartín are friends. Mañana, además, serán rivales como capitas del Mecalia Atlético Guardés y Rubensa Orbe Porriño, que ejerce de local en el derbi de la División de Honor (20:30).

“It simply came to our notice then. It’s much better to see on the runway in the city “, commented his friend Sarai about Lorena, who wanted to compete in the past three months and parade through a maternity hospital. Samartin at the front door. Like a friend and like a rival. “I’m a little nervous, but I’m fine,” he said in salute about the world.

Ambas se verán las caras mañana en un derbi que debió haberse jugado en febrero pero que fue aplazado por seis positivos en covid en el conjunto minoto. No new news. Llevan has been visiting for decades. Dentro y fuera de la pista. Pérez, four years of the mayor, was found in the branch of Porriño. Samartin llegaba desde abajo pidiendo sitio. “Congeniamos rápidamente”, said the mosense, which was found in a new friend and a succession in progression. Asi acabaron siendo las dos capitanas del primer equipo.

Después, Lorena decided to join the club and acabo in the Guard with an intermediate price for SAR. “Comparison preference. But you have to say goodbye to him, ”said Sarai, who hered the captaincy. “Sarai é a viva imaxe do clube. Porriño non podería ter mellor referente ”, explains Pérez, now the second captain in Mecalia.

The carriage and the admiration of natural form in conversation. “Sarai is like Cristiano Ronaldo. A physical gate and my work, ”said the Guardé Extreme. “She is a luchadora. Su fuerza, sus ganas, lo que transmitte un es un 10 ”, proclama la primera línea mosense. “It simply came to our notice then. It’s a lot of fun, ”he said. And Lorena summed up: “Sarai is a wonderful person. I can do it and I don’t want to go. “Love of friends.

“The derby and the balloon balloon”

With a few months of play, el Rubensa Orbe Porriño and Mecalia Atlético Guardés are arguing over the derby of the second return. En el de la primera, el conjunto minoto hizo valer el poderío de A Sangriña y superó con notable claridad a su rival (32-22). It will take an initial 30 minutes of time to enter the best weather. Eso si, a couple of years ago, the team of Isma Martínez had a great victory in the Super Cup of Galicia (27-28). “You are a very complicated party,” said Lorena Pérez, captain of a Guard that wants to play in Europe in the near future.

“You have a great team,” said Sarai Samartín. “Pero estamos studiondo cómo podemos hacerles daño”, sostiene la capitana de un Porriño que juega en casa y ansía escalar puestos en la tabla, además de sellar la salvación matemática.

“A Liga está moi igualada e calquera pode pintarche a cara”, Reflection Lorena, que destaca la derrota en la Supercopa como un suceso del que el Guardés “aprendeu moito”. For Sarai, the game in the house is “a plus” for the red box. “My special parties”, coincided with the ambassadors.

Porque más allá de saber si Porriño o Guardés se llevan los lontos o se los reparten, lo que está claro es quién gana seguro: el balonmano gallego. “My special offers are to promote our sports and to be able to face what we have in Galicia, with three teams in the maximum category”, said Salceda, which includes Cangas in the equation. “We want to be able to have my house, but I want to die with my team. I want to win forever ”, proclaims the extreme of Mecalia. “We are ready to take care of the idea of ​​coming”, he added.

With the recovery of propia Lorena, el Guardés no tiene bajas. El Porriño, in exchange, but can be counted with Anthía Espiñeira, with a legion series in the maternity ward. “Between all of us we can understand that she wants to do something for the right”, said Samartin with resignation.

Pese a todo, el Municipal porriñés apunta a un ambiente. “Hubiese sido mejor un sábado, pero que sea previo a un festivo ayudará”, said the captain of the red world. “We are waiting for a good balloon party”, he concluded. With the affair of ambassadors and the talent of their jugadoras, asi sera. Galicia quality.

“We are not able to see a couple of others: we are quiet now”

Como quacquier pareja de amigas, Lorena y Sarai trazan diversos planes de ocio. “We don’t want to see you again”, commented Samartín. Bicycle, body or walk -como in the image, together with the ex-girlfriend of Porriño Carla Rivas-. “It’s not like we’re quiet,” he said. “Good, but we have no plans for the pinchiños or tomar algo,” said Pérez. In the case of the embassy, ​​it coincides with the fact that it is as good as the taste for your professional obligations. “Look at the mercenaries of the party of these days of Santa Semana”, said the captain of the convoy.


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