no more children in the situation of calle ”

According to the latest data from INDEC, 35.5% of the population is indifferent to our country of only 14 years. But there is no official figure that indicates the accuracy of the NNyA university in a situation. For this reason it is, for example, in history, to have a special operation in the 31 agglomerations of the Permanent Encounter of Hogares to refer to families without technology. It was realized on the 15th of May, three days before the National Census, celebrating one of the lenses planned in Ley 27654.

“It is a matter of anticipation to the legality of the winter and to celebrate the effective medics from now on to protect the rights of the NNyA in a situation of calla lilies. Our legal order is clear in the sense of superior interests of Niño y la ley 27,654 is a great advance. It is very important to know that the provinces and municipalities adjacent to the norm “, explains Martello, responsible for the Observatory of the Derechos de Niñas, Niños and Adolescents of the Defensoría del Pueblo bonaerense

The law of 27,654 is a norm of superior respect for current social security issues. For a month, search for or adapt night accommodation establishments (paradores, hogares, refuges) with a new modality of operation with basic maintenance, hygiene and primary care activities; therapeutic facilities, training and activities of formation, capacity and occupation of the laboratory.

An important point of the new law is that the Order observes the principles and laws contemplated in the Convention on the Laws of Niño and all other national and international norms for the protection of integral rights in our countries. It is motivated by the centers of social integration to be supported by a specific institutional area in accordance with the professional capacities for the support of the authorities of the NNyA. These centers are open to 24 people and tend to complement them with facilities such as local services and zonal areas distributed in distinct bonaeren municipalities.

Assimilation, the national norm, led to the creation of new centers of social integration for the protection of relevant issues in the form of coordination and articulation with national and local correspondent organizations.

This is also a disposition that can be avoided in the situation of an administrative reference that finishes correspond to correspondence and has a better access to the social assistance services of all administrations.

¿Qué hacer ante niñas, níos y adolescentes en situation de calle?
-Dar notice of the immediate form of the Local Service of Niñez from the corresponding municipality. In case of no respuesta, you can intervene at the Zonal Service. Contact telephones: 0800-666-NIÑO (6466) oa la Línea 102.

About the Day of the Nines and Nines in a hot situation
It is located in 130 countries around the world at the initiative of the Consortium for Street Children (CSC), one of the most important international networks dedicated to the protection of the NNyA law enforcement agencies.

The founding idea is to find that the rights of millions of children and children are not ignored.

Fuente: Observatory of Derechos de Niñas, Niños y Adolescentes de la Defensoría del Pueblo bonaerense

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