Hummer EV from 2022, the enormous truck of 1000 fucks

More about the asphalt of the city on rustic fireplaces, the HUMMER EV of General Motors for 2022 provides a comfortable and refined travel experience.

More about the asphalt of the city on rustic fireplaces, the HUMMER EV of General Motors for 2022 provides a comfortable and refined travel experience.


The GMC Hummer EV of 2022 revives the old Hummer brand but with a completely different interpretation. This new Hummer EV is an enormous truck driven by electricity in a gas station.

Styles and options

The example of a model that sells for sale – and that it is all sold – is the Hummer EV Edition 1, which is the most loaded model. More than 9,000 pounds, more than any other Hummer of the old models. Vienna series with all-terrain covers of 35 logs and can accommodate 37 logs.

The Hummer EV3X debuts in the summer of 2022, with a big part of it hardware and the functions of Edition 1. The Hummer EV2X will be launched in the spring of 2023, and the Hummer EV2 will be a year old. Ambos contarán with a design of the engines.

El Edition 1 has a truck of 5 feet, but the height of the car is very high, which means that you can find great objects that can be very difficult. Conveniently, with a version of the MultiPro trailer GMC, which can be configured to ensure a better load than an escalator to allow more access.

El Hummer EV Edition 1 is loaded with all kinds of series functions. This includes: lines of 18 plugs with all-terrain liners, adaptive suspension, CrabWalk function, spare parts and bodywork, safety guards, bodywork, configurable gate control, remote control.

Tren de Potencia

The combined power of the Hummer EV Edition 1 is from 1000 fucking cables. Account with an electric motor that impulses the unloading wheels and more that impulses the routers.

The Model Edition 1 also comes with the fashion Watts to Freedom, which allows you to accelerate to a maximum of 60 mph in 3 seconds. For lograrlo, the Hummer usa alju de altura de manejo ajustable, bajando la picioneta su su altura minima, confirma el estado de las batteriesía i su capacidad para acceder a la potencia maxim. The battery life advanced in the vehicle seat is blinded against the fire carrier.

The 800-volt Hummer EV architecture has been approved to the maximum of the 350 kW CC express loading stations. GMC says it connects the Hummer EV to one of these ultra-fast stations that can add 100 miles of alcance in just 10 minutes. The cruising range is estimated at 329 miles with a full load.

Interior style

The interior design of the Hummer EV combines the futuristic minimalism with the industrial brutality to buy with its offer. The rectangular shapes that are cruised and the horizontal table are made of some elements of exterior style and the combination of white and black upholstery with bronze details in an elegant elegance style.

There is a lot of space for adults of all forms and tamaños in the lofty and trainees. El acolchado del asiento es un poco firme, pero los asientos brindan apoyo con una amplia gama de ajustes.

The role of information and entertainment is in the middle of the table of control of the mayor’s office, but the two of the physical interrupters are still in good spirits. Physical controls are robust and resistant, with crestas to avoid that the underwritten hands are resuscitated.

Then there is an amplitude sensation. The central console amplifier, the transparent panels and the large windows, for a free-spirited vertebrate, can be found in the livian panels and guards in the calancing room.


El Hummer EV is a technological potential, with many new and updated features. It has a 13.4-inch tactile strap, integration of Apple CarPlay and Android smartphones with unconnected connectivity, Bose sound system with 14 pins, unloaded payload.

The information and entertainment controls and the pants are excellent. The graphic graphics, high resolution resorts and a myriad of animations on the bandwagon for the fashion modes make Hummer EV feel very premium.

There is an up-to-date list of applications in the information and entertainment system and has 18 views of the room to locate the most important games, including the car debauchery.


You can operate the vehicle without the intervention of the conductor (free man) with a number of conditions of more than 200,000 miles of haul trucks. Tray the version with the latest Super Cruise autonomous driving system.

There are also many features related to EV. The “Regen on Demand” function can activate a range of steering wheel and steering wheel with a single pedal. It is fashionable to take the accelerator off the accelerator in a very aggressive manner and use this impulse to load the batteries.

Advanced assistance for the driver includes: Front collision mitigation, point monitor with cross-border traffic alarm, automatic brake tracker, carrying system, 360 degree camera system and automatic parking system.

On the road

The day of complete maneuver, the place of some people to try the day before, with a combination of money in the Phoenix highways, followed by a period of two hours of carriage time. Thanks to an excellent suspension of tires, direction in the four wheels and many flanges of tires, it is much more accurate than what the cabin expects.

Your convenience is superior to that of the truckers with the bastidor and the tracking direction system that makes the gyros in U sean pan comido. To put it bluntly, the Hummer EV has a series of capabilities. The test in Phoenix’s affairs is about a mountainous area, but it seems that Hummer can be found in all types of trucks and without problems.

Entrance to the mount, the non-artistic suspension is adjusted to the condition of the maneuver and elevate the height of the maneuver of the vehicle to a distance from the head. In the mode of extraction, the body can be left 5.8 points when the conditions are high.

Goodyear Wrangler Territory MT tires from our test vehicle, estuary at the end of the field. The walkway is considerably located in some places, but the direction in the four rounds really helps to find the part of the tracer and to make sure that there are too many damned children.

The function of CrabWalk in which the four rounds of giran en la misma dirección hasta 10 grados, lo que permite que el vehículo conduzca en diagonal para evitar obstáculos, es verdaderamente util i puede evitar legitimamente que los conductors dañen sus vehícu.

To accelerate, select the Watts to Freedom and Hummer EV launch control mode to be on the list for a second time. All that you need to do is press the pedal of the brake to the pistol, write the accelerator and start the brake.

The result is an explosive launch, including the most rude specs that the electronic sound that is the language of the speakers. The Hummer EV Edition 1 sprays the carriage with the 1,000 cables of its three engines.

The drive modes of Drive Mode Control (four pre-configured modes and My Mode configurable by the conductor) allow the driver to adapt the vehicle performance, including the distribution of steam, direction of the four wheels, maneuvering, shock absorbing , acceleration maps, freons and best of sound inside.

The modes are adapted to a variety of conditions of the maneuver, from the steps on the ropes to the conductor and include the remolcar. There is a lot of desaceration of the regenerative frenade in the maneuver mode of a Hummer EV pedal; to be with such a high rate of acceleration as any other electric vehicle.

The driving force lasts for two days inside and outside the carriage, creating that Hummer EV has the potential to revolutionize the market of new electric trucks.

Price and yield

The price of the first edition (total sale) of Hummer Ev is from $ 110,295, which means that the rank of a mannequin estimated with a complete load is 329 million.

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