Freddy Rincón, los lios legales que empañaron su carrera deportiva

If there is a Colombian player who has made an impassable huel for the balompiete cafeteria alone in the country, in the middle of the world, Freddy Rincón. Aquel atacante que nacio el 14 de agosto de 1966 y que con su fuerza, magia y desempeño para jugar se ganó un lugar en la historia del fútbol de nuestro país.

A sports trajectory that was announced on March 20, 1986, at the beginning of the Buenaventura Athletic and completed with 170 official annotations among the teams that wanted to take part in the sports trip between Santa and Decacan: Independence ), Real Madrid (Spain), Naples (Italy), además de Corinthians, Cruzeiro, Palmeiras y Santos en Brasil.

Freddy Rincón de Colombia is a board member who has been ranked in the World Cup against Bolivia in La Paz, Bolivia. The match ends 2-2. October 11, 1996 Photo Getty Images / Allsport UK / Allsport – Photo: Getty Images

Por otra parte, está el capítulo que vivió con la Selección Colombia, a la que representó en los Mundiales de Italia (1990), Estados Unidos (1994) y Francia (1998), y en la Copa América de 1993, 1995 y 1997.

With the Tricolor accumulated the number of 84 games in the pudo mark of 17 opportunities, having the celebrations as references for history and the country that celebrity with such enthusiasm, as the market in Germany in the 1990 World Cup. for the historical triumph of 0-5 before the selection of Argentina in 1993.

Sin duda, a deportivo depretivo que lo pone como uno de los jugadores más recordados en el país. His importance and influence marcaron un antes y un después para un equipo que ha logrado en el tiempo tener referentes importantes, siendo Rincón uno que marcó la historia, razón por la que en la actualidad i tras conocerse el grave estado de salud en el que se find the place of a car accident, generate the comfort of all the deeds of sports in the country to wait for the salty of the critical state in which it is.

It is as if there is another part of ‘El Coloso’ that you can also record and sometimes you have a lot of time while you live in the eye of the hurricane because of the situation that is difficult. The theme in the quest was for the legal players who played the great role in the football of Brazil. Sin duda, una que tuvo relevancia mayúscula fue que durante un largo tempo fue requerido por la Interpol, relational with Rayo Montaño, a Colombian narcotics trafficker who knows about the ex-boyfriend of his estate in Cali.

Everything started in 2007, when the Brazilian Justice decided to arrest him in conjunction with the Fiscalía de Panama, to be supported by a test and collaborator with the narcotics. The principles of may have been captured and conducted in São Paulo (Brazil) in a church, but it was given in liberty in the absence of a judicial failure.

Y es que Rincón jamás negó nego conocer a Montaño: Por el contrario, siempre habló con sinceridad, pero aclaró que mantuvo las pruebas necesarias para demostrar que sus recursos y propiedades habían sido adquiridas con total transparencia y sin ningún dinero il.

The Colombian narco in 2006 was arrested in Brazil, when he was excused to staying in the field of retirement as an active footballer. La Fiscalía de Panamá aseguraba en su momento que Rincón podría estar emerso con Rayo por una empresa de pesca llamada, Nautipesca.

“Freddy jamas tuvo negocios con Rayo Montaño. When my German, and a man, came to Cali del Santa Fe de Bogotá to play with America, he dedicated himself exclusively to football, ”said Rafael Rincón, German ex-jugador. For another part, he added: “In Colombia, it is habitual to have an amulet with a person who is having small, relational lives. We don’t want to pass. “

For 2015, all the calvary for the glory of Colombian sports pudo terminar, a game that a Panamanian team will decide to retire the order that will be held against the Colombian from 9 years ago. It was as if it were due to the chapter and in the moment you know the news, Rincón sentence of direct manner: “I am innocent, a sportsman who gave his glory to the country”.

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