Así ha sido la recuperation of the game industry in Mendoza

This is an important result, all about which we talk about an industry that has tried to be very active inside Mendoza; as a testimonial, he said that the provincial governor approves an increase of $ 54,000, paid in 12 quotes, for those working at the Institute of Games and Casinos of Mendoza. to comment on the responsible game

It is said that the paper of the casinos for the economic activation and the tourist destination in Mendoza is fundamental and it is also possible to be a determining factor in successors as the view with the Resolution No. 86. Only in 2021, the leading casinos are leading in the province, with benefits of 10 million dollars per year. These figures explain the importance of the industry in terms of what perceptions are reflected.

The following figures are listed: Enjoy Casino (located at the Sheraton Hotel) and Sun Plaza (at the Hyatt Hotel) featuring the casinos that lead in the reclamation list, with superior benefits

$ 1,000 million in Argentine pesos each, estimated at 9.8 million dollars, less than the Arena Maipú Resort is located in the third place with a net recovery of about $ 800 million pesos, it is said to be approximately 7.8 million dollars. .

The proposition of new tasks of games and games of azar también is a repercussion of this industry. At the end of the year, the new hall of the game of the Casino de Mendoza was inaugurated, which is located in the street Miguez del Departamento de San Martín.

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During the ceremony, it was announced that the aperture would generate more people and what would be included in an important field of entertainment, culture, art and tourism in the region, as well as the most popular casinos and which are vital to the river. This time, this casino, which is waiting for a good instrument for the sustainable development of the province, surgío con el fin de estimular el turismo interno y extern, con el fin de brindar un servicio a residentes mendocinos, como a turistas del resto del country and other nations.

“This project is being implemented in the area of ​​a tourist, cultural and artistic zone. It is a prime stage that has generated many jobs, indirectly, indirectly, 1,000 jobs, 500 jobs directly due to the construction of the building, and 315 jobs for which I have been acting, ”he said. López, President of the Provincial Institute of Games and Casinos, is due to complete the inauguration.

This game room with more than 900 machined machines, the most beautiful and technologically advanced of the province, in addition to being part of an inversion project. Además, el servicio es provisto por las empresas Fuente Mayor SA y New Star Internacional SRL, que se quedaron con la adjudicación en el processo auctioneer correspondent.

These companies have realized an inversion of approximately $ 4,039,837,026.94 in Argentine pesos, it is estimated at 40 million dollars. Además, contemplates the construction of a hotel of four rooms and 55 rooms, with tourist services such as Spa, gym, air-conditioned swimming pool, with an amplified gastronomic section, the beach for events, the convention center and has 17 locations commercial.

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“The property will attract future investments, support and contribute to the projects of development of local providers and positive impact of direct and indirect manner in the province of Mendocina”, commented Ida López, adhering to the facts of these cases. del Instituto Provincial de Juegos y Casinos serán destinadas para el Ministry of Salud, los programs de salud en Mendoza, los recursos necesarios para las libraries popular que hay en la provincia y para el presupuesto en el desarrollo social provincial.

En este sentido, hay importantes advances en la industris de casinos en Mendoza y el gobierno considera muy importante las recaudaciones de esta industria, que ha demonstrated a importante crecimiento.

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