The creator of the Patagonia brand. How much money and live the man who invoices more than US $ 1300 million per year and invited to surf

“The most fun is breaking the rules”, said Yvon Chouinard, creator of Patagonia, the sportswear brand for free-to-air activities with a seat in Ventura, California. Your company was elegant x the magazine Fortune como la more cool of the world. Fiel al estilo de su dueño que preserva la vitality and agilidad de un millennial and is sure to surf the 83 years.

Recognized by compromise with el care of the environment and through the philosophy of working on business, Chouinard is the personification of the biennial; someone who found the balance between personal and laboratory life. The key: hace lo que le apasiona, search energy in contact with nature and live fragments. “I have something to live on with what you say; nothing of engagement ”, explica.

He is a fanatic of the fish with moscow y de la escaladadeportes que forjaron su personalidad y le enseñaron a salir adelante y superar adversidades. Años atrás, abandonó una de sus passionanes cuando una avalancha lo sorprendió en una de sus expeditions de montaña y vio morir a uno de sus amigos: .

Chouinard is the personification of goodness; someone who found the balance between personal and laboratory lifeFabian Marelli – THE NATION

Atypical companyllama a avoid consumption, cuestiona a las corporaciones y lleva a sus empleados a practicar surf, a esquiar oa pescar. In 2011 Patagonia raped molds with a certified notice in The New York Times the day of Black Friday where he lives: “Don’t buy this camper” y en 2020 volvió con otro anuncio: “Compra menos, exige más”. Hoy les pide a sus consumidores que antes de comprar una nueva prenda piensen realmente si la necesitan y organizacija dias de canje en los que invita a reparar ropa de cualquier marca en sus talleres.

In the Argentina is working for check products for the division Provisions that impulse the regeneration of ecosystems to start the production of food: the lens is to generate an agricultural revolution.

Recién llegado de su viaje de flyfishing (fish with mosque) en Río Pico, Chubut, con su esposa Malinda y unos 10 empladados, recibió a LA NACION en las barrancas de Acassuso sobre el río, para conversar sobre bienestar, negocios y sustentabilidad. Three topics that are attractive and passionate.

You are one rara avis inside the world of entrepreneurship: to play your surf exercises… ¿How does it affect your productivity?

It’s our way of doing business. When one is on vacation, the last two days of work are more effective than nothing. In Japan, I hope to have a house that the boss does not retire from the office. If you want to lose 5 of them, in reality, you will not be allowed to do so in time. Speaking of esperan and esperan pretending to work. For this, we have forged our employees to retire to the 5th grade. If one realizes the proposition, you can make it necessary to work in the laboratory. This is a testament to the pandemic, which is very difficult to work in the form of more efficient than the house and the time it takes and wants to work which often implies the hours of travel summed up by the time it takes to survive. By suppose that depends on the type of activity: in our case, by example, the team of the designer needs to be reunited in advance to design, but the finances, you can work on the form of remot.

Yvon Chouinard affirms that you can't have a healthy life and you are not in contact with nature
Yvon Chouinard affirms that you can’t have a healthy life and you are not in contact with natureFabian Marelli – THE NATION

-What is the best thing to do?

You should also define a combination that is a combination of physical and mental health. Ser fiel a mis valores que son el resultado de toda una vida en konto con la naturaleza y de la praktica apasionada de deportes de riesgo que me enseñaron muchas lecciones.

-What is the translation of your philosophy?

In Patagonia, every post has been presented in 1000 postulates. For this, when we are contracting someone, we want what we want. Our mayor is ten times better than that, we want to share a sense of community. For example, you can apply for a laboratory job in Patagonia and say that you are a fanatic of golf, which can be seen because it is contracted because you do not have to spend time in our corporate culture. On the contrary, the candidate is a fisherman of Moscow, but there is no problem. Function of a family that: Who will you enter? There are many things to do in a fishing village that can be taught flyfishing a man of business. The fishermen have a passion for what they want and we look for this type of profile.

How compatible is the equilibrium between personal and laboratory life with business strategy?

We have no one business in a very inhumane manner: we create in this way that it breaks the rules to triumph. If you want to do business in the same way, you need to be able to do it, distribution or marketing in the armchair with real estate. Creo que para el el champéon del mundo es mác façil inventar tu propio deporte.

In 1989, there was an economic recession in the United States and our countries were growing at a rate of 50 per year for various years. Don’t be able to create a rhythm and simultaneously generate problems without creating a financial problem. You have to pay money for friends, relatives and including the Argentine Germans who have been working in Ventura. I was desperate and I got to know what I was saying about the horrors we were trying to do when we were going to die fast.

We have been on our way to Patagonia with some 15 people of my team, between Kristine Tompkins, and we are trying to find out what is going on. Ninguno de nosotros tenia diplomas en business I am in other disciplines such as archeology, English or mechanics. We define our values: we decide what we want to do in our favorite sports, win the life, yes, but we can have what we need in the trampling of the desecrated movement. We define what we want to do with the best sports clothes in the world with the best quality but at the top we want to have time to be with our families, make surfing when we have good luck and get to know when we live in the field…

-Why is this practice?

Every time the employees want to surf they have to visit their boss. And it works very well because we are very independent and self-motivated to have no gusta that I can say that you have what you want. A psychologist told me: “He has studied a lot of friends and he has never seen anyone with an independent person. He doesn’t want to be able to work in any other country ”. Cool, le dije, ¡eso es lo que buscamos! In summary, we find the company in which we want to work. By writing this book “What do you want me to do to surf” where I write and formalize our values.

– Dos años atrás modificaron la mision de la compañía ¿¿qué cambió?

We define what we are in business to save our planet. And this is our way of acting as a company. Our mayor is also producing no medium. We are part of nature: we are destructive, we are destructive and we are destructive. Our employees are preoccupied with global talent, and work in the company because they consider it part of the solution. They are the owners of the brand of passion for saving the world.

-Fastened to fish with fish, escalada, kayaking and surfing. What is the relationship between sports and your life or quality of life?

Creo that the contact with nature is very important, all in the chicos. You can have a healthy life and you are not in contact with nature. I believe that we can solve all the problems and have a spiritual connection with her and we accept that we are part of her. In Patagonia we are here. We believe that we are doing everything that is our alcance to save our planet.

Yvon Chouinard is affected by the fish
Yvon Chouinard is affected by the fish

Conse Qué consejo le daría a alguien quie quiere emprender?

Check the rules. He gave charms in the ceremonies of graduation of different universities and always the young people who saw life as very simple as one of their real rules in a relationship that wants to conform to them. If you create your own game, you can always be a ganador. And it works. We are one of the most profitable companies in the world with an annual invoice of 1.3 million dollars and since 1985 we have given 1% of the money to collaborate with the planet. In 2021 we have 20 million annual dollars and we have paid more than 140 million dollars.

And talking about new projects…

Let’s launch our propriety ONG “Home Planet Fund” -separate, but the management of Patagonia- to channel the money of customers who want to contribute to the conservation of the planet and not know how to do it. We have 2.5 million customers alone in the United States and each of the 100 dollars we can have a big impact, but we have a total of billiards at the crossroads. The principle we can focus on regenerative agriculture as a way to capture carbona and generate more food for people. We bring biodiversity to the great extensions of the planet that captures carbon. Let’s have a directory with recognized personalities and we want the CEO to die.

Chouinard wrote the book
Chouinard wrote the book “What do you want me to do to surf” because I wrote and formalized the values ​​of the company.Fabian Marelli – THE NATION

How do you do business here?

If you want to sell to young people, we will be able to compromise our efforts to produce our own instruments. They are some companies that produce and sell in a responsible way. Tenemos que separarnos de las tendencias de la moda como es el caso de vender un par de jeans con agujeros. That’s awesome. We want to make a new fashion. For this, creams are a program of reparation of the instrument that we want to do. Hoy, está muy de moda comprar ropa usada. Many young people like Greta Thunberg find that she consumes what is destroying the planet. These are our customers.

How is the business of Patagonia in Argentina, with an industry so punished in the last years?

Patagonia está yendo muy bien. In Latin America, we charge 24 million dollars per year and we are growing a lot in Chile and Argentina, especially in Ecuador and Peru.

What are your plans for inversion in the country?

I want to cultivate food in Argentina and import it to the United States. My idea is to make regenerative agriculture. For a load, I want to produce grains with very old seeds that have a high protein content and have high quality foods. In Argentina we are celebrating with Pacú and el arroz. We apply the philosophy of philosophy that we have in the instrumentation where we prioritize the quality of our product. It’s tried and tested by a 70-year-old host of our food from the second World War and a very opportune opportunity in this business. The agricultural sector is our largest mayor.

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