Platform Animalista pide que el INAU prohíba a menores presenciar las jineteadas

La Plataforma Animalista broadcasts a communiqué with respect to the Montevideo jineteads, which the year of the years for the sanitary emergency can be realized in the Semana Criolla in the Rural del Prado.

The organization informs that in March it will be reunited with the director of the Culture of the Intendence of Montevideo (IM), María Inés Obaldía and your team. “In this meeting we are informed that the units are continuing and that they have had some installations to avoid accidents”, said the platform.

“Las tomaron’s authorities in the first half of our personal veterinary care (only have a veterinarian to support all caballos)”, added.

Plataforma Animalista solicita que se suspendan las jineteadas y están juntando firmas para presentarlas ante la Junta Departamental de Montevideo a través de una petición ( C3% ADban-las-jineteadas-jineteadasno).

He did not take the place of suspension, he said that the authorities of the Institute of Youth and Adolescents of Uruguay (INAU) were involved, and that he was “active in the practice of banning emergencies.”

“We should not say that children should be accommodated and accepted as mistreating the animals,” he said. Además, van a solicitar una reunion con INAU “para tratar el tema de los spectaculos donde haya anyales maltratados, como ser las jineteadas, el cerdo enjabonado y otros tantos festivales que se hacen en el interior que son muy violentos y sonrem y spree y sie before the presence of children ”. “Let’s say that Inau therefore has a position to respect,” said the animalist organization.

There is also a cortisol studio, which is a series of scientific tests that demonstrate the level of stress that falls on animals. “If we know you perfectly, we will be able to demonstrate the demonstrations of all possible ways”, he explained.

“The cortisol studio demonstrates, to a great extent, the level of entertainment in the animals and what is the effect that it is nocive to present very much time after each activity. I am not a tyrant because of the writing of the argument against those who say that the cavallos are not sufren ”, said.

For other reasons, it is important to be “in control of the animal’s diet and to differentiate between different points of the country, while traveling for hours to come and to have the best choices / conditions of animals that can be translated.”

“In response to the authorities, we will inform you that in this case we will not be able to relate to the input of the minutes and ask for an evaluation of the petition for a solid study.
We are authorized to continue our observatory in the presence of all jinetedas, litigation and salute of tropillas, corrales, jinetedas and post jinetadas, veterinary attention, controls, tratoran durante la estadía, temas legales, formas de controles, etc ” the communication.

The group of animalist senala that has the presence of all “hace que los animales reciban un trato más ´cuidado´ y que a su vez se intensifiquen los controles de la intendencia”.

“The observatory is very important because we always have direct information about the state of animals; como llegan y cómo se van, cómo terminan luego de cada jineteadas, las caídas, heridas, golpes; find out the number of animals and the characters of the lessons at the end of each event – a date that flies to the end. It is also important to know and observe what is the public that is sure to be active, ”he said.

For the last time, we will inform you that you will be able to comment “on the interior of the interior of the country, where you will be able to finish the week and without control, not the veterinarians and the mayor cruelty”.

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