“Espasmo coronario”, de se se trata la dolencia que padeció el futbolista Robert Rojas | Diario de Cuyo

Tras padecer una fraktura de tibia y peroné durante el triunfo de River Plate ante Alianza Lima por 1 a 0, Robert Rojas debió ser sometido a una kurgúrgica intervention. During the operation, the defender defended a “coronary spasm”. Según señalaron, pese a esta dolencia, el deporista permanece internado “lúcido y estable”. But what is being treated is affection

Follow the experts, the fractures of the caliber of the millionaire juvenile to intervene surgically, and that their recovery can be extended to the heart and eyes, to give a place to rehabilitate. But during the operation, the 25-year-old played a “coronary spasm”. An anomalous situation that puts you “in the place of three people who have practiced the operation” in the Sanatorium La Trinidad, de San Isidro, is next to the agency Télam.

“The coronary arteries are what the blood of the heart is. The arteries of the body, over all the heart, are computing for different caps; one of the cules is muscular, it can counteract and reduce the caliber of vaso cuando sea necesario. For example, in a sanitary state, the cardiac arteries can be reduced to the caliber of the muscle, ”said Pablo Lamelas (MN 129.220) of the ICBA, Cardiovascular Institute. Without embargo, segnún señaló, “en algunas circunstancias la respuesta de este músculo puede ser anormal ya eso se lo llama espanmo coronario”.

In the words of the expert, the spasms of the coroners have a place when “an artery tends to close in a manner that does not approve of inadequacy, reducing pathologically or abnormally the blood flow of blood.” In other words, this dolencia has a place where the shape of the room, “reduce the oxygen supply to the heart. The heart will suffocate and record with a dollar in the oven and potentially a heart attack.

Assimilation, Lamelas says that “a coronary spasm can take different forms of clinical presentation with patients. The most typical is that patients who have diarrhea in their life are sporadically ill-favored, they say that they are from and come; y eso se resuelven con medicamentos que mejoran el espasmo. It is more common, but it is more important ”.

In that tone, the cardiologist said that Rojas formed part of the infrequent cases. “There are patients who do not have any symptoms in the diarrhea; but that the situation is special to those predisposed to tenerlos, as in this case of surgery. “When a person is exposed to a surgeon’s surgery, many medicines, such as stress, hypothermia or low temperature in the body, and this can affect a person who has a predisposition, and have a coronary spasm,” he added.

For their part, Lamelas insists that “the impact of the coronary spasm in the chronicle of the chronic patients, it is said that dolencia is in a kind of diarrhea, those who are ‘out of the world’, but not the implied implications. It is treated with lozenges and souls to be relatively useful, but all the symptoms are sulelen be molestos ”.

In such a way, for the football player Rojas, Lamelas advirtió que, in general, “suelen tener una vida normal, sin espasmos. It is a very special and specific situation, such as surgery due to hypothermic hypothermia (fever), multiple medical treatment, extreme stress and depression; it is probable that I will not be able to repeat the picture of the coronation spasm ”. It should be noted that the señalaron voceros desde la klinika donde es atendido el defensor de River Plate, “el paciente fue compensado en forma inmediata y ahora está lúcido y estable”.

From all modes, the cardiologist advised by Infobae will ensure that he “realizes a complete study of heart to disqualify those who associate other associations.” He also calculated that “the most probable, and that in the mayor’s office of patients as he was, he was a unique event. I don’t want to repeat it. “

“If you want to repeat your habitual life, take medical care and possibly, you will be able to produce deportation activity, to be able to suspend your sports activity. But it is a little overwhelmed and needy to study more for this conclusion, ”said the cardiologist.

In such a way, and in consonance with the argument of Lamelas, the doctors who attain Rojas announcing that he was studying his studies to “determine what he wants to save.” At the same time, the millionaire juvenile internist and long-lived player will be waiting for the medical center to provide a piece of information about the evolution of the sportsman.

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