Andy Polo, on regress to ‘U’ y el de la victoria ante Ayacucho FC: “Mi trabajo nunca lo voy a confundir con lo personal”

Andy Polo regress to the University of 5 years in the extraterrestrial.

Universitario de Deportes advises a victoria valiosa in condition for visiting Ayacucho FC en la fecha 9 del Torneo Apertura de la League 1 2022. Los ‘cremas’ voltearon un partido que lo tenían cuesta arriba, pero con la garra que los caracteriza pudieron sacarlo adelante. Just, one of the people responsible for this fire Andy Polowho spoke about the goal that even about the final.

Thanks to Dios for a good goal. We can also enter 3 points very important for us. We know that we come to a place where it is difficult to decide, as it is for everyone, for someone, for every one of us who has meticulous, we want to be the ultimate and to win ”comment on the footballer’s declarations for the sports program ‘Football in America’.

Y es que el elenco ‘merengue’ sufrió más de la cuenta para conseguir este resultado. Hecho, el conjunto ayacuchano se había adelantado en el primer tempo por intermedio de Minzum Quina. Luego buscaron intentar llegar al gol de varias maneras, aunque no tuvieron la claridad necesaria para definir. Include a Alex Valeradelantero centro del equipo, se noto que tuvo un encuentro muy luchado con los defensas y sin la lucidez para convertir.

The high-altitude factor is based on the moments that concurrently change the second time. It is more, the nerves and the tension that depend on the ‘meringues’ that Polo entrance by Jorge Murrugarra, para darle esa velocidad y oxígeno que necesitaban en la zona de ataque. In a sentimental state, immediately with the help of the band of gang, constantly watching the duels of Francisco Duclós, lateral of the ‘Zorros’. Hasta que, tras el autogol del arquero Sptalo Espinoza, the ‘Joya’ fireworks in the center to catch the two rivals and define the horn of the misfortune. A goal that gave rise to the algae of the hinchas that is present in the Estadio Ciudad de Cumaná.

Golazo de Andy Polo for overhaul of Universitario ante Ayacucho FC by Liga 1. (Video: GOLPERU).

This is an amazing match with a ‘cream’ camisole from the 27-year-old’s footballer who is in the game hace a couple of weeks to announce as a new player of the ‘U’club al que regresa luego de 5 años de desempeñarse en el extranjero (Monarcas Morelia – 2017 y Portland Timbers – 2018, 2019, 2020 and 2021). The truth that I have a lot of content to reclaim with a goal and with one that we are part of the triumph in a very important beachañadió Polo.

Precisely, the last annotation with University of Sports in March 2016, in the semifinals of the local championship before Melgar in Arequipa. In the final, the part that was empathized 2 and 2 by Andy finished the second of the team in the middle of a fight that the arch Patricio Álvarez did not want to be able to take the rose to the balloon with the manos.


Finally, the Peruvian Excellency will reflect on the personal theme that he envied in a controversy about his accusation Genesis Alarcón. The game of playing and separating is with the deportivo. I have to be strong and I don’t want to read commentssafe.

The national attacker commented on the announcement by Ayacucho FC, in addition to the delicate family theme. | Video: GTT Sports / Football in America

The national hall was launched in the newsletter of the news that can be expanded in a spectacle program for denunciatory work on physical and psychological violence. This situation provoked him Portland Timbers de la MLS (su exclub) tomara la retición de resolver el contrato que tenía con el futbolista.

To find the problem, the ‘U’ le tendió mano y se lanzó por su fichaje, el cual fue anunciado a finales de marzo, causando una ola de critikas en redes socialia, tanto de las mujeres en general, como por las mismas hinchas de la entidad ‘crema’, quienes rechazaron en todo momento su contratación. This includes the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Vulnerable Powers, which is why the club has the best medics. Without embargo, in the last days, of account with a communication of the sports institution, Polo has shown the intention to take an account of Genesis Alarcón y coordinar el monto a pasarle por sus hijos con el fin de mantenerlo correctamente, según indica la ley.


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