The headmaster of the caballos publishes at the folklore disco

The passion for the folklore of Nicolás Quiroga of fruits and the 2nd of April is the master of cavallos pudo publicar su primer disco llamado Respirando Sur, luego de un largo recorrido.

The man who lives more than five years in Roca, thank you for the office and work from the abyss Raúl in a chakra of Villa Regina. Mintras que su passion for the folklore of his father Roberto who participated in variations of peñas with his Germans.
The few years ago I had the opportunity to play guitar with the enthusiasm of the rhythm of the cry dance.

Your dream is to develop a time when you want to live in a junior year.

The life of the camp is an inspiration in every song that is included. In the area of ​​Paso Córdoba where you have the cables, many times all with your guitar.

Your first concerts are in Villa Regina. “I love all the people who recite to me, my dad asked me everything, I am with the memory of the memory, the diction”, he said.
Tambéné “desje muy chico con la organização de parquequiales parcoquiales de Regina pude viajar a Chile ya Buenos Aires a intercambios culturales. I am very tired of my account. Get ready to play the guitar on the 16th of October ”, relató.
Nico consists of the tradition of the lion as a banner of sound.

“I want to have the experience of participating in special festivals like Baradero, Laborde. In addition, he was part of the official delegation of Río Negro as a reciter in the octave moon of Cosquín ”, said the organist.

As a comment on the disco

The landlord said that the disco project was a year ago in Roca with a cultural property where many presentations. In a place llamado la Casa del Maestro en Roca, in the street Neuquén. “Looking for a presentation at the Respirando Sur Show Theater. This is the last one it was a didactic charm, where you can count things, speak, costumes, punctuation marks, which you can listen to in the repertoire of the music of the world and the world ”, recorded.

Nico explains the difference between styles. La música surera es de La Pampa humée, huellas, triunfos. The music is sure to be pathetic. “The music of the music is exactly different from the points of the camp like love, the cottage of rural work. You can sing to a pen, to a cabal, to a truncheon of alambre ”, señaló.

The artist thinks that many beautiful songs and styles are reflected in the show.
Finally 13 quedaron in the disco that will be published this day.

Your dream is to design a few years ago, but to live in the past year.
“It was a tough bastard process, but it was something that could be done to get away with it. It is located in a music studio of Roca. Tambien accompanied by guitarist Oscar Lagos de Jesús María, he is a great guitarist who has our country ”, he said.
In other words he played the guitar and also played some songs the company Matías García y Facundo Cepeda.

“My father Beto Quiroga participated in singing and I love him. I have a dream to sing with him, ”said an emotional expression.
“I appreciate other music that makes me happy. The disco is in all digital platforms and before that we want to be able to realize it in physical form ”, anticipó.
The disco is located on music platforms such as Spotify, iTunes, Apple Music, Google Play, Deezer, YouTube Music and Tidal.

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