Rumor: Pokemon filtration of Pokémon Escarlata and Purple reveals details of the legends, evolutions of the initials and more

After the announcement of the latest Pokémon Presents and tons of recent news, we now have more news about this great game. Tal and as we comment, we treat the games of the new generation. See you later Pokémon Escarlata y Púppura officially in Spanish and now we have news.

En caso, hemos podido conocer a rumor que se ha vuelto viral and Reddit recently. The information contains numerous details of the input, and it is said that a filtering process takes place in 4chan. As if I could imagine, this is not confirmed officially and the data can be used with pins.

It is assumed that the supra filtration filtration is based on the accuracy of the details that include, but la fuente no se ha podido verificar. En el pasado ha habido filtraciones aleatorias similares a esta que han terminado siendo reales, pero por ahora no podemos asegurar que esta lo sea.

In any case, we agree with what you compare, and the fact that we confirm:

  • They compare the region to the two schools that play a role in the tram: depending on the version, the characters have different school differences.
  • For other people, the school of the main person tends to the professor as director and has two rivals: one of the schools that is the friend of the protagonist and one of the other schools that are the main rival, I think that the school is open at the villa as director.
  • How many evolutions of the initial Pokémon:
    • The evolution of a tiger of Planta / Electric saber tigers with heaters in the shape of a ray.
    • Fuecoco evoluciona a una specie de serpiente y sera de tipo Fuego / Dragón.
    • The final evolution of Quaxly is associated with a marine and special experience in the sea and usaum plumas as espadas: es de tipo Agua / Lucha.
  • Add to that the legends of animals have an aspect of the animal, similar to the reptiles but their abstract. El Escarlata is a type of Hada / Fuego with a squared posture with translucent scallops, and Purple is a type of Hada / Psycho with a posture of purple and gray furniture with a series of purple otter spheres.
  • Además, the third legendary is a Pokémon of the type Dragon / Siniestro, a black wy with red eyes and brilliant red eyes, and tends to have a habit that reverses his debilitations and resistances.
  • It is considered that the new mechanics allow you to make a new type of change from one of the two types, even without radical changes in practical practice. As you can see, Dragon / Chicken King of the Dragon / Chrysanthemum, Cinderella / Psychic Sable with games in the vicinity of your eyes and more like an extraterrestrial with Coffee with cola and the most predominant flowers Plant.
  • For the last time, compare the regression of regional forms, between the Togetic and Togekiss de tipo Hada / Bicho con alas de mariposa (affirmation that Togetic se parece a un duende). Vanillish and Vanilluxe tendrán forma de polo de helado y usarán el palo como arma, siendo de tipo Hielo / Lucha. Mawile sera de tipo Acero / Siniestro y los cuernos serán largas trenzas con form de serpiente / tentáculo y estará inspirado en una gorgona.

What do you want? Record that these games correspond to the new generation that is in disarray, Pokémon Escarlata y Púppura. The launch of the “2022 finals” on the Nintendo Switch will take place in the event of a concretion and tennis of our complete cover about the show.


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