Aumentaron los reclamos por las obras social

By Grupo La Verdad Editorial Office
Accustomed to the Defense of the Pueblo adjunct bonaerense, Walter Martello, to wait in public offices at the expense of a few minutes. It is based on a resolution of the Secretariat of Commerce of the Nation that establishes mandatory requirements for large companies, which, for example, have at their disposal the personalities of specialization for advertising of users.

“It is a way to protect consumer rights, related to a good deal that is more likely to advertise us by calling by phone in the context of waiting in advance”, explicó Alejandra Tomasone, title of the Municipal Consumer Information Office (OMIC).

The property has a beach of 30 days to adapt the heating systems. “Now, the publication in the Official Gazette is an obligatory application,” said Tomasone.

We advertise
In the house, “We have to advertise attention” in companies, between telephony, internet and cable, we can find the queues.

“Now, from the OMIC, let’s implement a gesture of good offices that, before this type of advertisements, but we are not incumbent, we have a job and we have to open an administrative expedition.”

Tomasone hizo un llamado a leer * la letra chica * porque en manyos casos, donde rigen promociones, “me doy cuenta cuando me invouraron el triple. In the end of the pandemic, he has been harassed by the main planes, and before the change of conditions, one of which is due to the fact that the company has been informed of the changes with anticipation ”.

In connection with the need to find the right to help the client “at least a human person”, and to use the option to solve the problem of informatization, because it is a form of protection for our masters, a those who have a lot of systems are often invisible. ”

Tomasone resolved the rule of law for resolving the vulnerability of the points of the sectarian sectors to the right of the health, to the integrity of the physics and to the right of honor. “Just say, on the right to the health of the recipient, we advertise through the social services before the failure of the service of the points and points, as proportional elements for the implementation of implants”indicó.

“From the OMIC, we are interfering with preventive and intimate medical practices that are important to the effectiveness of service performance. If we have the right to intervene in the advertisement – the Defense – we will not be able to plan the ampoules – we will write the article 42 of the National Constitution where the protection of the health of all citizens is protected ”, finalizó.

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