These are just sports that tend to help with problems

The pandemic caused a lot of changes in our lives, between ours, the reasons for our physical activity. Before the main reason to train someone to be “muscular” and to have a major physical illness in general. Ahora, muchos comienzan a entrenar con una sola cosa en la cabeza: mejorar su salud mental.

I have a lot to say about the priorities, I think there are sports disciplines that are popular in the last years: the paddle, the escalade, the ‘pole dance’, the ‘animal flow’ and the calistenia. Why? All you need is a high level of mental concentration to be able to realize. Here you will find what it means:

Al Pedal or padel? The paddle is a combination of tennis and squash that originated in Mexico, it is described as one of the most important sports in the world. You can play with some players in reduced tamanese tennis courts. The competitors use paddle rackets and can work on the pelota in the fields.

  • Solo hay alrededor de 120 canchas de padel en Estados Unidos, pero hay maś de 30 mil en todo el mundo, dijo el campeón nacional de doubles de squash de EE UU, Ed Garno, quien describió el padel como una mezcla de squash y tenis con a pickleball.

A pie a la vez. This is what we know about the time, as the effect of the pandemic, a lot of people who recently discovered and but did not act.

The Olympic Games of Verano de Tokyo 2020 (which will be realized in 2021) will convert to the debut of the escalade in the Olympic scenario. Durant the event, the escalator deportivo convirtió en el new search for more on Google of the Olympic Games.

The escalation industry is facing a major pandemic that the fitness industry in general, with only 3% of the high schools escalating during the summer in 2020. In comparison, 20-25% of the places of fitness in general retiraron before the pandemic.

  • With 591 gymnasiums with scales in the EE UU and 136 in Canada, the total number of students in the North America is up to 700 years old.

A discipline that searches for respect. The pole dance is associated with sex, striptease, night clubs and eroticism, but it is a competitive competition recognized internationally.

Practice represents strength, resistance, physical condition and creativity. I have two disciplines: the bar of aesthetics and the bar of giro. Dependent on the natural nature of the tube, the dance consisted in a variety of movements of elevation and balance and acrobatic figures.

The best balerines of the tubo compiten regularly in international competencies, slippers by the International Federation of Sports of Barracks (IPSF). The sports included being considered as an Olympic sports.

  • El pole dance tiene origen en las acrobacias asiáticas traditional, que solo practicaban los hombres. In the circus, the bar artists realize acrobatic poses and collaps in vertical bars.

The animal style. The “animal flow” is a relatively new practice, but with the greatest potential to have a body and a certain reputation. It is a training of corporal weight that includes elements of gymnastics, calistenia, parkour, yoga, capoeira, breakdance and handstand, in addition to the form of applications is a great difference, using the movements of animals to connect and physically.

Además de no requirir equipo de gimnasio o un lugar especial (se puede hacer en la habitación, terraza, playa), esta disciplina también tiene adeptos entro personas de diferentes edades.

The weight of the body. Sending the most popular de esta lista, la calistenia es un tipo de ejercicio que se originó en la Antigua Grecia y utiliza el peso corporal con poco o ningún equipo. The girls involved involuntary movements that use great muscle groups, such as flexions, plans and sensations. The personas suelen realize these ejections in a moderated rhythm. Help me coordinate, flexibility and strength.

  • The mayor of the person can realize these achievements, independently of the level of athletic ability.

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