retired the “Kinder Mini Eggs” from Argentina

The Italian company Ferrero, which has ordered a retreat of chocolates for children in the United States and a large part of Europe, is also dedicated to the retreat of the Argentine market of the “Kinder Mini Eggs” lots through the salmon shells on the continent. European.

This is true, the authorities of Belgium have closed the factory of Ferrero killed in Arlon, in which it has been elaborated to prepare chocolate choices that provoke more of a center of salmonellosis in France, Belgium, the United Kingdom, Ireland, Spain and Switzerland. between children.

Pese a que no se halló existencia de la bacteria en los chocolates, autoridades europeas denunciaron que hay 134 niños -principalmente menores de diez años- con problemas de salud luego de haberse contaminado con salmonella. The big mayor’s office has children who are made in Belgium.

The Italian company affirms that in the United States it has not been confirmed. “No other product from Kinder or Ferrero is affected by this retirement,” he said.

The Belgian Food Security Agency (AFSCA) said: “We have found that the information provided by Ferrero is incomplete, the Agency has been able to obtain the authorization of the production of the Ferrero de Arlon factory”. On the other hand, he ordered the retirement of the products of the Kinder provenance plant.

Salmonella houses in Europe for children
The first case was detected in Great Britain in the past. The advirtieron was appointed “in proportion to the high proportion of hospitalized children”, and the European Center for Control and Prevention of Sick Diseases, which identified chocolate products “as a probable route of infection”.

Currently, in Gran Brittany there are 63 salmonella delicacies with chocolate eggs, the cules of the city are 5 years old. However, the epidemic has spread to a large part of Europe, and most of them are affected by most of them.

In France, 21 cases of salmonellosis were registered, the hospital’s only eyewitness was hospitalized. The great mayor of the infected confirmed that he had consumed the chocolate in the days before.

The authorities of Norway and Sweden will decide on the variants of Ferrero products that are valid in commercial transactions of all countries, but that they have the moment to report the cases. “All of these products are consumed in the house,” said the National Food Administration of Norway.

The products also contain retired foods in Belgium, Ireland, Luxembourg and the País of Bajos, which are approximately 30 cases of salmonellosis. By the way, the company recognizes that you can find a connection between chocolates and bacteria.

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