Family, ante digitize Primary: “Our toman for children”

Antonio Fernández Pro-Ledesma and José Polo García.

The Ministry of Health announced the end of the last 15 days of plans that are looking for an objective lens: digitize the Primary Attention. Without embargo, you will be able to produce a new one ‘baile’ of figures that desalienta una vez maś la fe en la gestión politica por parte de los profesionales del primer nivel asistencial, quienes ven como los planes se suceden, pero las medidas no llegan I think the situation is too late for the emperor.

“We are tracks, programs, to take the number of things and search for recovers to see if you are. A lo que we are systematically assisting you in a precarization that you have more of the Primary Attention. He really wanted a political policy to solve it. Si la hay es cuestión de meses porque hay una serie de medidas urgentes a corto, medio y largo plazo ”, reivindica Antonio Fernández Pro-Ledesma, presidente de la Sociedad Española de Médicos Generales y de Familia (SEMG), quien añade que “The skepticism is absolute.”

Una incredulidad que también compareten des la Sociedad Española de Médicos de Atención Primaria (Semergen). The President, José Polo García, alluded to the example of the party for the representative: I have a lot of things to offer, but I have a lot of choices and some questions that will always interfere, andwe will be able to do it in 2030 and we will be equal ”.

A retreat of four years that “landed” in Primaria

The last “baile” of figures given during the announcement of the Sanitation of the Strategic Project for the Recovery and Transformation (Perth) of the Health of Vanguardia, which stipulates the culmination of the “digital transformation” of the sanitary assistance and the Municipal Council the second trimester of 2026. Something that shocks with the Plan of Recuperation, Transformation and Resilience, which was in 2023.

“Everything is looking back for me it’s about four years ago. Una vez más mareamos la perdiz y no solucionamos nada ”, lamenta Polo García. A sense of comparison with Pro-Ledesma: “Divagar otra vez con estos planes es un yuego de niños y nos están tomando por imbéciles. The situation is very serious, Atención Primaria is helping everyone in the best possible positions and no more games ”.

Además, the president of SEMG, said that he was talking about the problem in the Primary of the two decades: “Pongámosle el 2026 y porque no el 2030. hay voluntad de arreglarlo. EThe policy is not like a problem, but it is a solution. The model is the immediate attention of the city. The professional lleva sufriendo, con un sobreesfuerzo importante, todo esto y gracias a eso se mantiene en pie el sistema desde hace manyos años ”.

Did you find the example of the digitization of Primaria?

Durante esta semana, Sanidad también ha fiadado cuatro áreas prioritarias en la “digitización” de Primaria. Without embargo, she does not think about the media that most advertise her professionals: the integration of the different autonomous information systems in a national country.

“The most impressive is the implementation of the history of interoperative clinic, it is said, lto integrate into a single SNS system, there is no difference in each community. They have something to do with what they say about electronic recipes in pharmaceuticals and sanitary ware, ”said Polo.

An integration that, following the president of Semergen, requires a pass: “First of all integrate into all autonomous communities at the Primary Council with Hospital Hospital because there are regions that do not have the same system. Una vez realizado, se deberían integrat todos los hospitals i centros de Primaria de toda España ”.

“The most important is the implementation of the history of the interoperative clinic, it is the integration into a single system of everything SNS”

A patient who has benefited from a series of patient and medical professionals: no precisaría trasladar ningún inform porque se podrá visualizar directamente where the sea comes from, because of the need for assistance. The doctor tendría todo el historial del paciente y esto facilitaría mucho su labor because we support you quickly and have allergies, a chronic treatment of illnesses that fall… Also reduces the bureaucracy because we avoid duplicate information, igual que ahora evitamos renovaciones de medicamentos ”.

Además, the result of the Polo Garcia result, with a unique system renovate the pharmacological treatment to the patients who come out of their problems and find out different from the autonomous community a la suya. “It simply came to our notice then. The patient is obliged to consult a doctor with a doctor’s prescription ”.

“Una de las primeras cuestiones es la desburocratización de la Atención Primaria. Esto hay que hacerlo ya y es a través de medios teknlógicos”

Reduction of bureaucracy and implementation of networks

Precisely, reduce the ‘paper’ and the other great lens that “debería” lograr with the digitization of the first aid level. “One of the first questions is desburocratización de la Atención Primaria. This is what he did and is the technology media. Después, hay que implement the new communication technologies for utilizarlas con los patients y no este sistema que se ha montado de teleconsulta que cumple muy pocos criterios. Also there update the technological mediaque se han visto durante la pandemia que no estaban preparados para asumir el cambio en el modelo de atención ”, resume Pro-Ledesma.

At the same time, for the digitalization of everything in the system, Polo García added to development of technological networks: “Las redes son muy importantes, la fiber optica tiene que estar en todo el estado. Especially in Spain, rural and rural, but they always have it ”.

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