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The preoccupation for the health and nutrition is always frequented, about everything in a world and where to access the information is every time you do. Not present, but all information circulating on the Internet is confidable and just because it is important that people take questions and criticize at the moment of applying something in your life.

In Colombia, a topic that is very popular help intermittentlyyou can create benefits for the body and the ability to pay for fast food.

The most interesting:

Ahora bien, de acuerdo a la experta en nutritión deportiva Carolina Pinzón el help intermittently es “generar periodos interválicos entre no consumo de calorias o menor consumo significativo y consumo habitual”. On the other hand, the nutritionist Juan Sebastián Peña added that this is an alimony strategy in search of “do not manage 100% of the calories of the days of aid, only 25% to 75% or get to the body of 25% to 75% approximately energy. It depends on the method you use. “

In this sense, the Mayo Clinic, recognized the world in the world, thought that there are different types of living intermittent connoisseurs like Ayuno de diás alternos, Ayuno 5: 2 o Ayuno diario con timtem restringido:

– Ayuno de dias alternos: In this case, people have a normal diet and a daily supplement to consume a meal (less than 500 calories).

– Ayuno 5: 2: It is a normal diet for seven days to live and to have two days.

– Diary with restricted time: In this search for food with normalcy, but only long time ago every day. It is said, the person can, for example, to write and kill, but not to say.


With respect to the possibility of this strategy of alimony with benefits, the nutritionist Pinzón said that “the scientific record will consider the benefit in the interim relationship of the objective of reduce caloric content and energy and facilitate weight loss in poor condition and obsession; In some studies, a better response to insulin sensitivity is needed.

At the same time, the nutritionist Peña affirmed that he was very close to the information about the intermittent help. No, I think I can conclude that “the intermittent help, as a caloric restriction, means I have a autophagy process that helps with cellular renovation, which is very long reduce oxidative stress. “

Con lo anterior, Peña destacó que se podría llegar a pensar que se puede “improve the quality of life, here as help the regular circular cycles. This is the last thing we need to know about our pancreatic, gastric, hepatic, adipose and muscular hormones. De igual forma, esto podría mget all our metabolic profile, as glucose control and lipid control. “

About this aspect in particular, the Mayo Clinic argues that it is possible to lose weight with this food support strategy. benefits related to some diseases such as diabetes, sleep apnea and other types of cancer. “Some investments suggest that the intermittent person can be more beneficial than other diets to reduce inflammation and improve the effects associated with inflammation, such as cancer, alzheimer’s disease, arthritis, asthma, acute sclerosis.” salud.

Secondary effects:

The Mayo Clinic indicates that there may be some signs of secondary effects that “normally go wrong with me”. Between them, hambre, fatiga, insomnio, náuseas y dolores de cabeza. Assimilation, advirtió que “The intermittent person is safe for many people, but not for everyone. Saltarte las comidas puede no ser la mejor manera de controllar tu peso you are embarrassed or amazed. You have renal calculi, gastroesophageal reflux, diabetes and other medical problems, talk to your doctor before commenting on intermittent help. “

Ayuno Intermitente mientras se entrena o practica un deporte:

This alimony strategy is always more frequent among the deportees, and information is provided that will help you realize the benefits of the moment of realization, “that you will be able to generate the limit to be able to generate a mayor.”

Respectfully, the expert in sports nutrition said that “it’s not true; in deporte más de hablar de ayuno se habla de periodization and loading of carbohydrates to generate adaptation mechanisms, improve and optimize the use of this energy substrate. Therefore, consider the dehydration of carbohydrates or a high energy load that can be completed and should be varied to generate adaptation. “

“If you have a restriction, it will help you to benefit from the level of corporal composition, hormonal regulation and demise. ayuno intermitente puede no ser la mejor estrategia para buscar rendimiento deportivo, as one left the body to the maximum. Uno puede sacrificar la masa muscular o disminuir el rendimiento en el deporte que se estica practicando, sobre todo en los de fuerza y ​​potencia; uno podría disminuir la concentración i llegar más fácil a periodos de estrés y ansiedad, que digamos algunos deportistas suelen experimentar por el ritmo de vida que llevan “, aclaró el especialista en nutrición Peña.

Assimilation, a sign that the benefits of the deportees depend on the context, the mentality and the strategy that is associated with the team of the deportee. It is said that the lenses of the doctor, the nutritionist and the physiotherapist, who can help you find yourself in the sports department.

Deportation testimony:

Alejandro Espitia practices cycling and training to stay in shape. He, like many others, is inspired by a move that he will be looking for in the middle of nowhere and in November 2018. “I want to complement my training Follow Instagram account with Fitness Revolucionario de Marcos Vazques y Nutrivolucion. These profiles are infused the benefits of ayuno intermittent como autofagia and cetosis. “

Espitia resaltó que le pareció muy interesante, debido a que “The 2016 Nobel Prize in Medicine was awarded to Yoshinori Ohsumi for his investment in autophagy. The cetosis is a state in which it is consumed as a large amount (corporal fat) as the mayor’s most effective fuel for glucose production, which is also possible consuming carbohydrates in these diets. “

Finally, the cyclist resolves that he will not be able to incorporate this alimony strategy, he will be able to take care of it, but he will not be allowed to feed anyone during the hours of help, you can you can eat babies like coffee, water, hot water, or low calorie foods, que no activen la respuesta de generar insulina en el cuerpo.

Weight loss:

Searching for this topic at the Mayo Clinic affirms that studies suggest that the alternative to “alternate days like a typical diet with high calorie calories”, with which it is possible to affirm that it is possible.

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