Nace Win It, the sports nutrition brand of elite elite

(8-4-2022). The sports nutrition market with a new property. La de Win It, an environmental mark of elite elite endowment and which account with the certification of The Paleo Foundation. Su primer lazaniento es la bebida de recuperación 3: 1 Vanilla Recovery Drink.

Nace Win It, the first brand of sports nutrition that reunites the elite elite, an exclusive combination of natural and environmental ingredients and a company relies on the protection of the environment. The example of a product that is available in the market is a recovery aid, which is largely covered by references.

“Con la gama Win It queremos ofrecer a los deporistas productos de nutritión de calidad pensidos para ayudarles a mejorar su rendimiento de manera eficaz, saludable y sostenible”, afirma Françoise de Valera, cofundadora de la marca y apasionada de correr trail.

Win It products can be formulated with a combination of natural ingredients, without synthetic additives, which can provide the best nutritional value to offer the athletes the best yield at the moment. Su cica nifrievidance SND, a spin-off company of the Miguel Hernández University, specializes in sports and clinical nutrition.

Apto for the Paleo diet and allergies

La gama Win It aúna rendimiento deportivo con cuidado de la salud. Your products are elaborated with ecological ingredients and 100% natural, in addition to being used for the paleo diet. However, this is the first brand of Spanish sports nutrition with the certification of The Paleo Foundation. Además de tener la certification ecológica y paleo, los products Win It están libres de los allergenos más comunes, como el gluten o los lácteos. There are products for vegetarians and other references also vegans.

Compromise for the medium environment

Win It has a company compromise with the environment. Approximately, the envases of its products will be compostable en el hogar; a very suitable option that the plastic convention of the original fossil, and which allows to dispense with the encumbrances in the container of organic residues or composts in the house, is preferred. Además, como algunas de las referencias Win It contienen ingredientes apícolas, como la bebida de recuperación, el 1% de las ventas de toda la gama se destinára la la organizaciju 1% for the Planet ya la ONG europea BeeLife para la protección de las abejas .

Win recovery recovery Win It

The first brand launch is a baby recovery aid, 3: 1 Vanilla Recovery Drink, elaborated with natural ingredients that brings 3 carbohydrate portions and 1 protein. According to the realized studies, the ratio is ideal for an optimal recovery of the deportee through the lead of a physical activity of high or high intensity. It is a very complete formulation that helps to rehydrate with the prepared mixture, including a high level of carbohydrates for a recovery effect and contributes to muscle repair with an important protein base.

As a novelty, with the intention of helping the deportee to recover optimally, the Win It offer will be a table with the recommended recommendations for the deportee in the function of weight and intensity and duration of the realized exercise.

The Win It Recovery Baby is available in the format of monodosis, easy to practice and practice to make the meat in a bottle or shaker in any place. They have been present in a cage of 13 units, which is a media event estimated to have a sportsman who has 3 training sessions per month, with a price of 39.99 euros per cage.

In addition to recovery in May 2022, a range of geles with characteristic features, such as, also in 2022, electrolytes, isotonic and other products for complementary to the range.

The Win It recovery company can also be found on, as well as on ecommerce platforms, sports establishments, parapharmaceuticals, specialty stores and hypermarkets.

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