Hoy se hace el lanzamiento

La Subsecretaría de Deportes Provincial hoy el el paso con lo que serán los Juegos Deportivos Fueguinos realizando el lanzamiento del evento en el gimnasio Muriel de Río Grande.


the Subsecretaría de Deportes de la Provincia viene trabajando en los diferentes aspects for the good realization of this new competition. Among the comedian teams, the pasado lunes vía reunión virtual with los representatives deportivos de toda la provincia, se dieron a conocer los differenti detalles de la organization próximos Juegos Deportivos Fueguinos que se realizarán, como se todos loséño .
The interview was conducted by the Undersecretary of Sports, Gabriel Coto, who blazed the precision of what would be played by the Games and upgraded all participants in the collaboration of the team in the organization and assimilation of the organization and inviolable institutions. for which these games can be conceived.
De que se tratan los Juegos Deportivos Fueguinos; His program is more important than the Subsecretaría de Deportes and the official launch.
These games are based on more than 42 sportsmen in 42 disciplines with competencies that are discussed in the three provincial localities using 20 sports facilities.
This is the role of the spectrum of disciplines that can be annexed to the track with an arch, patina carrera, skate and rugby femenino entre otras, donde las categorías intervinientes son: Sub-14, Sub-15, Sub-16, Sub-17, Sub -18, adult adversaries and disability.
The work in the team, the personal staff and the teams, the respect for the children and the young team are some of the values ​​that will be promoted in the program that is a platform for the National Avoidable Games that will be realized in Mar del Plata on the October months.
In June, he initiated the competence in the local district as a provincial tenant as a limit of 15 May.

Campus de Técnica de Carrera

Other activities promoted by the provincial sports are effective in the Gymnasium of the Polivalente de Arte Ushuaia, where they can be found on the second floor of the Carrera Technical Campus, which is realized in the city of Grade City. initially intended for alumni of the sports schools of the Secretariat of Sports.
The event will be the cargo of Professor Juliana Mateu and Professor Victor Marchisio, where the lens is perfect for training techniques to improve the performance of athletes and participating athletes.
Approximately the campus is replicated and is destined for educational institutions, clubs and the community in general.

Concentration of athletes with disability

Mañana también tendrá activat la gente con discapacidad en nuestra ciudad ya que se realizará la primera concentraón del año. The script was played at the Ana Giró Gymnasium, where sports practices in boxing, basketball and ore sports and goalball of 10 to 16 hours and a lot of athletics of 10 to 13 hours were realized.
Mediodía los atletas junto a docentes participáran de un almuerzo en las cabañas del Río Pipo. The 14 people of the Nation’s Athletics Center concentrate on the Polo of Andorra and the 16 people
We estimate the participation of approximately 140 people among the 120 deportees of the different disciplines and 20 professors with more collaborators.
In athletics we have time and mark tests and in the training of time tests and different styles.


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