Horoscope chino de hoy 8 de april: las predicciones para cada signo

Hoy el conojo de metal viene accompanied by negative energies. This is an opportunity for energy, because of everything, it is better to manage a good profile.

El Chinese horoscope is integrated with 12 animal signs y to find out how to correspond with the review of your birth year. The Oriental zodiac is composed of cycles of 12 years, each of which is governed by a sign, the 2022 corresponded to the year of the Tiger, for which its energy is affected by the restoration of the horoscope components.

Algo que debes tener en cuenta es que, si tu fecha de nacimiento estre entre el 1 de enero y el 4 de febrero, tu animal regente del zodíaco chino es el del año anterior.

I don’t see what the chorus horoscope pretends to be, it is a good idea to be able to balance the energy of the animal.

War (1936 – 1948 – 1960 – 1972 – 1984 – 1996 – 2008 – 2020)

The most important thing is that the war will be the best before the life. It is presented that it is possible to support only the positive manner. On the contrary, you should be able to follow the circumstances, you can convert into a torbelino of problems and problems of the head.

Buey (1937 – 1949 – 1961 – 1973 – 1985 – 1997 – 2009 – 2021)

It is an excellent day for those who have rebuilt the buey to have a balance of these first months of the year. Analyze what you need to correct and change, for what you mean to advance your days, you can project and collect more of your goals. The time is sure to be as important as the agenda.

Tigers (1938 – 1950 – 1962- 1974 – 1986 – 1998 – 2010 – 2022)

The tiger should spend the energy that he has to do with the day with his tareas. Be able to applaud your bonds and get better batteries to enter all the time and time to finish the week. Don’t be fooled by the perez, you can also follow the consecutive series of tracks, especially in the laboratory camp.

Conejo (1939 – 1951 – 1963 – 1975 – 1987 – 1999 – 2011)

The regent of the day believes in the energy of conflicts. El conejo debe evitar confrontaciones de cualquier tipo, pues cualquier discusión puede escalar a proportiones inimaginables y con serias consequencias para el.

Dragón (1940 – 1952 – 1964 – 1976 – 1988 – 2000 – 2012)

Even if the difference is high, the major is that the dragon man has a bad profile. We want to shine in every aspect, including the merits, you can give a lot of parades to the regiments of the dragon, especially before your superiors. Hoy es mejor reconocer los meritos ajenos y trabajar en silencio.

Serpiente (1941 – 1953 – 1965 – 1977 – 1989 – 2001 – 2013)

Those who were born in the year of the serpent are the ones who respect all the norms. Sean custodosos and cumplan a cabalidad todos los relamentos. No hacerlo les puede traer muchos inconvenientes.

Caballo (1942 – 1954 – 1966 – 1978 – 1990 – 2002 – 2014)

Uno de los pocos signos que puede aprovechar el día es el caballo. The energy of romance accompanies the raids of this animal. Los caballos que están en busqueda de pareja estén atentos, pues un encuentro no planeado les va a permitir conocer un persona especial.

Cabra (1943 – 1955 – 1967 – 1979 – 1991 – 2003 – 2015)

La cabra debe estar atenta y concentrada en todo lo que hace. An unfortunate reason to have many problems with these animals, because of documents, questions about renunciations and citations, is about the importance of working with important clients.

Mono (1944 – 1956 – 1968 – 1980 – 1992 – 2004 – 2016)

Los monos deberán estar atentos a sus finanzas. The energy of life and the work of the company accompanies me. Eviten usar sus credit cards and restrict the maximum of bank transactions, you can support the victims of cyber delicacies.

Gallo (1945 – 1957 – 1969 – 1981 – 1993 – 2005 – 2017)

Tal vel el animal que más affeado se pueda ver con la la energia de hoy es el gallo. El conejo le pondrá manyos palos en la rueda en sus projektos. The best that can be done by the gallows is to maintain the normal routine of your day and to avoid any project.

Perro (1946 – 1958 – 1970 – 1982 – 1994 – 2006 – 2018)

If you don’t want to be innocent, then you should be sure of all the ideas that come to mind. I have to pick up the paper and put it all down. Esa “lluvia de ideas” le va a ser muy util en los proximos dias.

Cerdo (1947 – 1959 – 1971 – 1983 – 1995 – 2007 – 2019)

Be conservative is the advice that only the horse has. El día no es apto para inversiones de alto riesgo o asumir compromisos monetarios. The best thing is to simply listen to the questions and posteriorly analyze with calm and cool head. It is also important to be very careful to drive.


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